Papa Immortals & The Holy Ordos are seeking daily players

Learn and grow in The Holy Ordos. We’re seeking dedicated players to hit titans and participate in teamwork.

Those that grow and show dedication may be invited into Papa Immortals.

Seasoned, daily players may be considered for invitation to Immortals.

Currently hitting 7-8 :star: titans
Line Chat active

Message me on Line for more info : devonshire_stork

I’m lvl 41 leading an alliance W1 other fairly active f2p lvl 26 my cups at 2200 theirs at 850 you still looking for players? I just downloaded line app. How would I find you?

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Found The Holy Ordos, look to join after finishing current war chest. Any rules? I like communicating ,how do you chat?

Holy Ordos is open join. Speak to PurgetheHeretic who is leader there.

Line Chat group : Papa immortals
My line ID is same as name here

One spot open in Papa Immortals for seasoned, dedicated, daily players.

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