Panther or Sartana? ...and general 5* Advice needed


I have recently pulled both Sartana and Guardian Panther. I have been using Obakan at 4/70 and I’m sure that both of these lovely ladies would be better than him at full power. So…which one? I’m leaning towards Panther at the moment because she would be better on yellow titans, while both would be useful in raids. I will obviously bring the other one up to 3/70, but I’m not sure I will be able to swing enough Tabbards for both anytime soon. I have 4 now.

Also - I have 5* in every color, but I’m not sure how my raid team would be best set up. My current 5* lineup is:

Obakan 4/70, Panther 1/1, Sartana 1/1
Delilah 4/67, Leonidas 3/70
Magni 4/66, Isarnia 3/60
Natalya 4/41, G. Kong 1/1
Horghall 4/42, Elkanen 2/25

I have all of the regular 4* and also - Falcon, Jackal, Hansel, Gretel, Lancelot, Boomer, Gafar, Jabbar

My defense team for the past month has been Melendor/Magni/Obakan/Delilah/Natalya

I would love input on Panter vs. Sartana and also what an ideal setup would be for my raid defense. I really, really need a better green 5* like Greg or Lianna, but nothing so far.



Because you have a fully ascended Obakan, I’d go Panther. Use them together: Panther hits first, weakens three heroes to purple, then Obakan follows up on those same three heroes. It’s a sweet one-two punch that will cause a lot of damage.

Remember, there no rule that you have to have rainbow teams. I never use rainbow on offense.


Thanks! I like that combo and have started on Panther. The team advice I need is for raid defense. I hardly ever use a rainbow offense either.


Raid defense is not necessary. With the roster you show, I would guess you raid very well only to shed cups overnight. I would, also, guess that overnight loss is not holding you back from building either your base or your team.

Offense is the best defense.


Thanks for the comment, but how is raid defense not necessary? I don’t want to shed cups overnight. I’m looking to put together the best defensive team I can.


If you start with 2700 cups, it’s painful to fill you Heroes Wanted chest.


I’m flattered, but you’ve hugely overestimated my skill level. I hit 2400 every now and then, but no more. I can usually fill chests at that level.


SUCH a coincidence! My alliance leader has the SAME questions! :wink:

  1. Your tank-worthy heroes are Horghall, Delilah, and Obakan

  2. if you have two or more of the same color on Defense, none of those heroes should be the tank. It makes it too easy to stack against.

I’d think about Panther, Magni, Delilah, Isarina, Sartana (maybe stick with Obakan here until Sartana is ready)

I don’t really like 2-2-1 on defense, because again, it makes it easy to stack against. Another option could be Panther, Magni(or maybe Isarina?), Horghall, Delilah, Sartana/Obakan. Isarina might work in that place instead of Magni if Horghall can delay enough to let Isarina charge up.

Either way, In my opinion it’s Panther > Sartana


Someone help that poor guy. I bet he’s overtaxed at the moment. :wink:

Thanks! I am reluctant to move Obakan from the tank because his special works well there I think, especially since he’s fast. On the corner he just becomes another hitter. I’m working up Panther first and will see how far I can take Sartana after that. I also have to decide if I give Isarnia the scopes I have (5). Magni is already close to max, so I’ll keep him for now on the D team.


Just remember point 2. I jump at a team that has a second hero the same color as the tank!


Delilah stays there for a while since my next best 5 is Leo and he’s still a bit weak. I’d ideally like to rainbow my defense team, but need another red and maybe green 5*. Of course my alt pulled Gravemaker and not my primary. :frowning:


With your current lineup i would do like this for Raid defense:

Obakan, Magni, Delilah, Horghall, Natalya
Delilah,Magni,Hofghall, Obakan, Natalya


Thank you Whitey! —