Pantera or victor


I have a great concern … I have the tabards and the traps for one of them that I do ???


It depends on the rest of your team, but in general Panther is going to be more useful in most situations.


I have similar problem…I do have Sartana/Victor and now Panther dropped… so I go for her… her overall utility is good


Panther is an awesome, must have hero that you will never regret ascending. She´s incredible against yellow titans and in raids when color stacking Guin is no problem at all


I have both, panther without a doubt!


If your main interest are titans & events then G. Panther is the clear winner.
Victor is better than Sartana for raids.


It would be highly respected world wide if you could ascend Pantera from the grave :smile:

Go for Pantera, Pantera is great. Ain’t talking no tall tales friend, Cause high noon, your doom