Paladin talent triggers despite active Malosi special

Sadly that’s different, it’s like a negative heal. It doesn’t have a symbol so it doesn’t count as an effect :frowning: I am still thankful that Malosi blocks her mindless attack though, has saved me a few times.

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Bleed from the wound talent actually can’t be caused by special skills, it only applies to normal (i.e. tiles and slash) attacks

Cast? Really? Ok, so how exactly is this status effect conveyed from one to another? Assign a word to it, since we’re playing semantics.

Krampus’ special clearly states:
“All allies get +50% attack for 3 turns.” There are no other words or letters. This was blocked, even though it was not “cast”. The other two skills, Taunt and +44% defense, are “cast” since it says “The caster…”

So your excuse, about it being “cast”, is not valid. Try again.

A month later, no response from SGG on the ticket. So anything being discussed as to “why” and as an answer isn’t correct, because the people who make the game dont have an answer.

Because there’s nothing to respond on. They’ve stated before that talents are not treated the same as specials. A druid can spawn a minion even when affected by Kvasir/Bera.

It’s a passive ability that you have no control over, not an activated special.

No, according to a mod it’s a semantics thing over the word “cast”, even though I proved that false.

Now after 10 hours, they’ve responded to a question they couldn’t answer for 26 days and dismissed it “as intended”.

If it’s “as intended”, change his info to state it clearly. Text is really not that hard to include.

And BTW, they responded. So contrary to your opinion, there apparently was a reason to respond. Nevermind the other person saying they would look into it, rather than just dismissing it immediately like you did. So that’s two people with SGG who are in disagreement with your “no reason to” statement.

If you have nothing useful to offer, keep your useless replies to yourself.

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