Paladin talent triggers despite active Malosi special


while I was testing something else with Malosi’s special I came across this weird scenario (I have it recorded if proof is needed):

Telluria - despite having Malosi’s special on her - was able to activate her paladin talent and get the 25% defense bonus. Shouldn’t that also be blocked by Malosi’s special? :thinking:
The same would probably account for other talent classes as well, e.g. Barbarian and Sorcerer.


Malosi: “The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns”

I guess the key discussion here is: Is a status effect set by a talent considered casting?


Yes, could very well be the explanation. @Petri Any chance you can comment on this if it works as intended and talent effects are indeed not considered a “cast”?

“Cast” means firing the special ability.

I also think that JF special with switching defense down to defense buff will also “trigger” despite malosi cast on him before.

Its often difficult in translation.

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This sounds correct.

It was suggested in Beta that Peter’s silence, and Season 2 Pterosaurian Boss, stop talents - like mana shield and withstand - from proccing to improve Peter.

But Devs decided silence would not effect talents.

Having extensively played with talents, I think this is a good call or silence would be too powerful against 5* heroes with emblems.

Heroes seem to cast special skills,
Proc talents,
Use items.

([KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - status effects disappear after 1 turn (description missing))


In russian version there is something closer to “apply status effect” and it is confusing.
When a barbarian under Malosi status uses special skill, can bleed be applied?

Yes it can. Because

  1. Special fires
  2. Probability of bleed id calculated
  3. If positive, bleed will be set on target

Bleed is a triggered ability, not a special.
Tyr for example, who always sets a bleeding, would be blocked by malosi

Yep pretty sure talent activation isn’t considered ‘casting’ - that’s more like a passive behaviour than an active cast

So bleed is activated by trigger, trigger is activated by casting special skill. Without casting we will not have bleed. So the original reason of the bleed is special skill.

Malosi does not block the special from being cast. Thats the difference.

The special regulary fires. Just all allies and enemies are immune to all effects that directly come from the special. The bleed effect is calculated after the special was fired and it just has a chance to trigger (so does it even with normal attacks)

Enni I’m sorry I confused you. I did not mean Malosi blocks specials. I’m only tried apply transitivity of material conditional logic.
A event - barbarian uses special skill.
B event - target gets damage.
C event - target gets bleed.
A is the reason of B. Without A B will not occurs.
B is the reason of C. Without B C will not occurs.
According to transitivity A is the reason of C.
So the bleed cuased by casting special.

I see possible reason of the issue - bleed applied by target herself after any damage from a barbarian. In that case we can consider the same situation, but barbarian hit himself (Mindless Attack e.g.).

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