Paladin Protect emblem ability causes several second lag during titan hits

This has happened to me a few times recently. I have Arthur with 6 emblem levels on him. I haven’t noticed this anywhere but during titan attacks, but if he gets hit and his Protect ability activates, and I try to feed him a healing potion, the whole game (except the countdown clock) stops. I can’t manipulate tiles, I can’t fire specials from other heroes, and I can’t use battle items. The shield that pops up over Arthur’s avatar freezes in place, and all I can do is wait until this game catches up. This actually happened 3 times in 2 consecutive titan attacks, twice In my last one alone. I never noticed this before and am not sure if it’s because of the most recent update or because I have a new iPhone 11, but either way it is becoming a problem during titan hits. If it happens again I’ll try to get a screenshot but I’m usually more focused on the titan, so no promises :slight_smile: Thanks for your attention to this matter.

The reason this happens is because the game is waiting to load the “Protect” buff icon on your hero:

Not saying that this is okay, just pointing out why this lag occurs :stuck_out_tongue: I agree that it’s very annoying, even if it’s just for a second of lag.

Does it loads from server or phone (“Protect” buff icon)?

It’s much more lag than just the appearance of the icon. I’m well aware of the typical time it takes for that to appear, this is altogether different, many seconds longer. It only happens if I tap on the hero as the icon is appearing.

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