Paladin emblems and Frida ascension

Have a couple of questions:

So for paladins - I have Sonya (maxed), QoH (1-1), Frida (3-70), Richard (1-1), Guardian Falcon (maxed)

Haven’t used emblems on any paladin yet, so any thoughts on where to put my emblems.

2nd question on who to ascend next in blues - have only 6 telescopes right now.

In blues I have Frida (3-70), Sonya (maxed), Isarnia (maxed), Kiril (maxed), Grimm (maxed)

Have to choose between Misandra and Frida, not sure who to choose?

Also if if ascend Frida, should the emblems go to her?

Always use emblems on heroes you will use both defensively and offensively.

Misandra is good for pvp. But if you are after titans I’d use the Frida-Isarnia-combo and give thetelescopes to Frida - bäm! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I don’t have experience with QoH, and use sonya a lot, and i love pvp. So its basically the clash between sonya, QoH if she is any good and Frida.

I have a lot of similarities with your team. I just got my 6th scope which I’m planning to give to my 3.70 Frida ( she’s my only blue 5* so I’ll let others weigh in on who you should ascend). I also have a maxed Sonya and a Falcon I’m working towards maxing. As soon as Falcon is maxed he’s getting my emblems. I’d rather give my emblems to my 4* simply because its much cheaper to do so.

have frida at 4-61 now, happy with her on titans and mono raids. Even used a frida-aegir-triton-kiril-sonya team (none maxed) to finish legendary guardians. when her spezial is ready the others are too, wiping the field even against the green minions in event. never regreted giving the scopes to her, aegir wainting for the next set. use her on defense too with hansel-frida-guin-kage(proteus)-red hood, she is tough. 160 paladin emblems waiting for my beautiful icebear. :slightly_smiling_face:

Recommend you work on Misandra to 3/70 before deciding on whom to give scopes to.

Frida at 3/70 maxed skill will still be good vs titans and stacking with your maxed blues.

I maxed Frida and left Arthur at 3/70 but that’s because I like pvp. I haven’t given her any emblems yet.

Like you, I have a maxed falcon (he will get 45 emblems to class 2) as only red element defense down.

I have QoH at 3/70. I maxed Zim because of her fast cleanse (pvp prone) and currently saving my rings in case GM is featured EoM.
QoH is usable for raids/events but if I decide to use her on defense, then I’ll give rings.

I’m finally parting with my emblems and am spoiled with 3 Paladins to choose from: Ares, the King, and Aegir. Here is my defense team:

I lean toward going the Attack path with King Arthur as I use him the most. I don’t think I need to beef up Ares at center as all defenses get defeated and my cups are fine. I don’t see Ares much in Diamond anymore either, maybe the meta shifted away from him (question for another time maybe). Aegir is already beefy. So KA? Or is there more value in the other two? Thanks for your advice!

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I would emblem falcon. Super useful on titans and raid attack, a key cog in certain challenge events, and he’s got the defensiveness you need in a 4* to compete with 5*. You get so much ROI on a 4& vs, a 5*, at least in the short/moderate term.

In fact, I was embleming Ares until I pulled falcon and I just think it’s better for my play style to focus on falcon.

Thanks for the feedback but I don’t have G Falcon :sob: Arthur, Ares, and Aegir are my only Paladins, I don’t have any 4* max paladins to emblem