Paladin Emblems - Aegir or QoH

Which hero would you give emblems to - Aegir or Queen of Hearts?

I am looking to use both on my defensive team with Aegir as tank and QoH on flank. The rest of the team are Drake, Khiona and Alby.

Suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:


Theyโ€™re both good tanks, but I feel like Aegir would have more uses than QOH.

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Aegir. He is a monster now. Embleming his health and defense make him even scarrier.

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Putting emblems on your tank is almost always the right call if the choice is between tank and flank. Your tank is your first line of defense so making them harder to kill will result in more successful defenses.

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So far Iโ€™ve done the first level for each, just to get the talent.

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Thanks everyone. Aegir it is.