Palace X Knights is on the rise


Palace X Knights (PXK) is a new alliance of veteran players and we’re looking to fill our ranks.

We’re looking for attitude, desire, and a will to compete. No minimum titan scores, but do hit those beasts with every flag you get!

War? That’s what we live for! We jump once that clock starts ticking and we don’t let up until every flag is spent.

Chat is active both in game and in our Line chat.
Reach out here or on line.
Line IDs: OutlawEye



Oh you’ve switched out huh? Well enjoy Palace!


Yup! Looks like my wandering days are done. It was fun and I got to meet a lot of cool peeps but it’s good to have a home.


I totally understand that, I’m enjoying my new home as well.

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I saw that. Tell Uni I said “Hi”


If you’re not quite ready with your roster, time, or whatever, we also have a more relaxed alliance, Palace X

Check us out and give us a chat. You might like it here :grinning:


@Rigs This is a new but tight group of players. I’ve only been here for one war but I fell right in with everyone. A bunch of chill crazy people who hit like you’d want them to and no bickering.

Hard for me to gage progress but our leader, OutlawEye seems good with where we’re at.

And you called it, that other thread got locked in the middle of my reply! :joy:



Well it’s not Crew- but I’m glad you found a team to call home, hope to see you guys in war one day, maybe we can actually have a good war chat for a change lol

would love to meet some new peeps

Btw my advice, keep an eye on the top dog recruiting threads and undercut em every chance you get

Works for us.


Roger that. I dig me a good war chat.
I had a good time in the Crews and learned a lot from ya, thanks


I have to piggyback and say the same, if it weren’t for you @Rigs I’m sure I’d still be a lost crazy person on the forums lol… I had a great time with the Crew family, thanks for all the lessons. Hopefully we will end up warring with y’all as well


Would be epic!

Lookin forward to it and glad you found a spot as well!


So who else is excited about Margaret getting a buff? Man I’m stoked. Now if only I didn’t eat like six of her :man_facepalming:

If you’re looking to try out some bigger titans without having to worry about a minimum score, consider Palace X Knights. We only ask that you hit often.

Hoping to hear from y’all and that your favorite bench warmer gets just enough buff to make them, uh, buff. :joy:

Good morning everyone! How about a nice hot cup of :coffee: to start your day?

If you’re thinking of moving after war, why not reach out to our leader @OutlawEye on Line (ID: OutlawEye) and see if we’re a good fit for you?

Best of luck in your war and may you decimate your opponent!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’re all well and good. Here at PXK we’re having a relaxed day of smashing the titan, winning war, crushing raids, and if that doesn’t work, throwing our phones! :joy:

Not so much the phone part ‘cause we’ve got each other’s back. So if you’re thinking about throwing your phone, reach out, we might just be able to save you money! :beers:

And now we have two more Knights. One returned from our sister alliance, Palace X, where she was strengthening her team and the other came over from one of my many, previous alliances!

We still have room if you have the desire. Hit up our leader @OutlawEye (line: OutlawEye).

Good gaming!

Well, matchmaking will be starting soon and we just added a new player to the team and had another return from a short break. If you want to see what made them want to join Palace X Knights, all you need to do is chat us up!

Cheers and :beers:

Good day fellow gamers :coffee: :beer: :wine_glass: :tea: :milk_glass: Enjoy a drink that suits your mood. We’re like that at Palace X Knights, competitive but not restrictive. We only ask for a little color coordination in our war defenses and that you play hard, just like the rest of us. Oh yeah, and have a sense of humor, we like to laugh.

Have a great war and if you want to know more, hit us up on Line. Line id for our leader is “OutlawEye”

Have fun today!

Uh oh, guess who just had another person join their team? We’re on fire with newcomers so if you’d like to join up with a bunch of fun players who hit everything, everyday without needing to be poked, how about hitting up our leader on Line and we can see if we’re right for you.
Line IDs “OutlawEye”

Keep grinding them Fables!

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