Pairing Boss Wolf and Guinevere



For the defense team, which hero between Boss wolf and Guinevere would you put in centre?

Should I put boss wolf in between Guinevere and Delilah or Guinevere in between boss wolf and delilah since Guinevere’s skill is helpful for herself and delilah.

I am trying to figure out what order would be effective. Please help!


Always Guin. She buys a lot of time for your other heroes to gain mana, which is very useful for wolf because he’s very slow mana.


I see! thank you for sharing your opinion😉


Guinevere is way too powerful. It’s almost unfair. I don’t even bother facing a team that has this heroine in the center position. So, go with her.

Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?