Pairing alliances in war

I have no Idea how you all are pairing alliances but idk how we even compare to a damn team like that they gonna kills us in the first 3 hits!

In your alliance info, click the “?” Next to your alliance score then click the “?” Next to war score

Then do same in other alliance’s info

Okay thanks our war score is higher then theres… how wires as there players are stronger then ours

How Weird is what I meant to say…lol

Several possible reasons why. You may have deeper benches. You may have better coordination and teamwork. You may have better participation.


Coordination participation collaboration or any other ion shouldn’t have anything to do with the pairing. Its probably the bottom either yours is higher or you dont have as many

I have higher war points and a high participation ratio when I look at it. So who knows. All I know is we got some build people to fight it will be Interesting for sure to say the least…lol

dont let their level nor their trophies intimidate you. Have you check their line up? That’s where things matter.
My line up is barely getting to 2900 and I am on level 21… I have beat lineups of over 3100 with users at level 30.


Believe in your team! :wink: