Paint It Black – play screen is black, but stats are visible, sound plays, and chat toggle is visible

Anyone else having issue where the play screen is black but stats still read and sound is still in place? It’s especially odd because the chat toggle option is still there… reset hasn’t fixed issue.

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Any chance you can post a screenshot?


Issue initially disappeared after several recent resets but has now returned. I hate to risk a reset because I am crafting several battle items at this time. Very frustrating.

That is very frustrating. :confused:

I was hoping having screenshots would lead me to someone else’s thread who’d had and resolved the same issue, but I haven’t seen that particular effect before.

I think it’s worth contacting Support directly, and including the screenshots when you do, and seeing if they have any troubleshooting suggestions beyond the obvious force quit/restart phone/uninstall and reinstall starting points.

I’m also asking in the moderator chat if anyone has seen this issue before.

Here’s how to contact Support from within the game app:

@GracelessStace I heard back from SGG Staff, and they suggested contacting Support as I’d mentioned, and also suggested trying these troubleshooting steps:

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