Paid .99 cents for 200 gems and was not awarded

so as the topic says i paid the 99cents and didn’t get my awarded 200 gems. i did it on my other account at the same time and the same thing happened. when paying for it it errored. On one it looks like it will allow me to purchase the 5, 2oo gems at 99 cents each, but on my other game it says “Error; You already own this item” and will not allow me to purchase any more. also, i have been charged on my credit card for both, but still have not received my gems. I will post here with my alternate account as well that it failed on, also try to upload with a picture.

here is my alternate account and a picture of the error i’m getting. and yes i play it on an emulator on my pc when im at home.

Is it still missing? If so, you may want to contact SG: (Scroll to the bottom of the FAQ and click the blue “Submit a Request” link to start the process.)

thanks. sorry I am relatively new in the forums. i looked around for info but to be honest this forum is organized weirdly and i find it very confusing compared to many other forums i have been on. but it appears to be resolved. so i guess its all good.

No worries. If you ever have a question, you can tag me with @Rook, and I’ll respond to you directly. :slight_smile:

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