Packs and swords

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I have noticed that the swords and packs gain has dropped. I don’t know if it’s just because if the end of the year or if it’s because if something else. Thank you in advance.

I’ve noticed it goes in cycles. Typically a day or two of little to no backpacks or swords and then back to normal. A bit over two weeks is the longest I experienced, but even that had a few brighter moments - they just didn’t last long.

Maybe it will fix itself I’ve been struggling all this week. Thank you.

The best place for backpacks and swords is S2 P1 Lvl10 on hard. I use loot tickets there when I don’t feel like taking the time to farm recruits at 8-7.


Thank you sweg I appreciate it.

It’s not uncommon to get 8 backpacks or 8 swords in one loot ticket there. Lots of 3* and 4* crafting materials as well.

I went in and looked, I have it on normal mode how do I switch it to hard mode?

You have to complete normal first and then you can do hard. Also before you click the play button it gives you the option to pick normal or hard

Stage 9 on hard is better as it gives better recruits.


Does it give the same backpacks and swords though? Like 3 backpacks minimum, up to 8?

I haven’t got to 8 yet I’m only on 6, I will get there and them let you know.

Sweg, got too lvl 8 it gave me 3 packs that’s better than what I was getting, thank you.

I just used 4 loot tickets at the same time 3 times.

Got 8, 8 then 18. 34 total. Just under my usual average of just over 3 per run.

At S2 P1 lvl9 you got 18 backpacks in one loot ticket? :dizzy_face:

Ohhh nvm you mean 18 after 4 loot tickets

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Yeah lvl10 is better for backpacks, you can get 8 backpacks for one loot ticket. Commonly will get 6 for one loot ticket.

Perhaps now and then

I used 4 loot tickets 5 times on each stage. So 20 runs off each stage.

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I am not a fan of promoting a stage with „you can get 8 packs there“ because its just exaggerating and happens once in a blue moon. If you search for best stages to farm go by statistics. Stage 1-9 S2 hard for example has the best rate for backpacks with 0.38/flag. For example 5-8 in S1 only has about 0.27/flag. I personally have never seen 8 swords in province 1 S2. If ppl throw out high numbers without proof and statistics better watch out for better sources. Best stage for swords is Province 6 stage 10 hard S2 with roughly 0.33/flag. For comparison S1 12-9 has roughly 0.22/flag is considered good farming stage.

I stopped using 10. 9 gave the same or better backpacks and swords and many more recruits. This was after doing limited testing…maybe 20 runs on 10. But 9 now on 9…many many many runs.

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