P2p Vs F2p

Using tc20 actually helps with leveling

@Rigs Did you mean this? Seems like a lively discussion has continued since this last post… :wink:

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Just a small perk that isnt currently available. Just a small token of joy to cause a player to race to the forum and be completely piss pants excited about a new toy they just got. That’s all.

Lol at the time i did. Little late now.

I just got to tc20 three weeks ago TC19 is way more helpful for leveling than TC20 will ever be. TC20 is for FTP players who if they are it that far for free they deserve whatever they get because getting to TC20 without V.I.P or anything is a GRIND and I would be more pissed about that grind than not having heroes

I’ve used TC20 with and without VIP. If you aren’t getting goodies via the Summon Gate, by all means use it.

Folks list their results here.


Wrong. Tc20 does help leveling 5*. Gives you a way to stock food while still getting 3* and 4* heros that make for good food saving feeders when leveling 5*. Also allows you to run tc19 trainings without depleting current food cost. A lot of higher end players use it. I’ve taken hotm from 1/1 to 4/80 within 24 hours of recieving them due to utilizing my training camps and tc20 was part of this utilization

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Is it. 48 hours is awfully long time to wait for a single hero. How does that help me level my current heroes quicker?

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@Rigs, please link the relevant thread…this is going off topic. :slight_smile:

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Anyone who’s read through 200 posts to get here could probably use the change of pace :laughing:

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Irrelevant. You shall be assimilated! :grin:

Allows you to backstock food for massive feeding and fast leveling when you get a new hero you wanna take from 1/1 to 4/80 as quick as possible.

1 tc20 training = 50 tc19 trainings

If you have 15+ tc20 trainings when u snag a new hero, you can pull 10 of those and dump them into tc19. Poof 500 feeders. And while you dont need that many, it’s just an example. But you get the idea. Can move whatever tc20 trainings are left to other tc’s as well when you need to do ascensions. Covers the food cost and you dont lose anything. And still leaves alone the food in your current bank, and actually gives a food rebate when you convert tc20 to other trainings. Lower the level of training, bigger the food rebate


Actually i feel like this is progress and topic relevant considering some thought tc20 only benefits f2p so didnt see why or how p2p could also benefit to any tc20 changes as well. Shows that the changes i suggested would be a small perk for all and not just a select group


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(I meant there were pre-existing threads that explained how to use it, but as you will.)

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If you are only interested in leveling heroes (in the case where you have too many leveling projects currently), then wouldn’t TC12 technically be a better bargain for storage purposes?

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I’d like to introduce you to @Bud who you’ve probably met already.

@Bud is of the view that using TC20 as a massive bank is a waste of time. I’d be interested to hear if this view has changed, but perhaps we can do that in another topic so we don’t disturb this topic…

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Personally I prefer tc20 as it’s going to cost me at least the resources to do 1 training no matter what and I’d prefer to spend resources at a chance to gain another 5*. To me this camp serves 3 purposes while tc 12 serves 2. Both strats are viable, just comes down to personal preference. I haven’t done the extensive number crunching @Gryphonknight has and I’m sure mathematically tc12 comes out ahead if solely focused on feeders and food banking, but if still wanting to develop further war depth then the hope to pull some extra season 1 snipers isn’t available in tc12.

Idk about you but i wouldnt mind having duplicate magnis, joons, marjanas. Liannas, and sartanas which i have a hard time pulling from $ummons as is.


But back to the subject…

TC20 isn’t needed if you spend a lot on Summons. TC20 provides F2P and even C2P players a way to slowly improve their rosters without paying—in cash. Instead they pay in time, recruits and food. Running two TC20 spaced a day apart means every morning my alt has a present waiting under the tree. Usually socks (Renfeld) but occasionally gold (Marjana). The biggest thing it produces, though, is hope.

As I said earlier, last year nearly all of everyone’s heroes were Classics, so the big difference more spending bought was access to the best Classics faster. A year later, the vast majority of top heroes are not Classics. The ultra-Slow drip rate of gems and Atlantis coins through grinding means F2P/C2P have very little hope of getting these great heroes. (There’s that word again.)

Changes/extensions to TCs would be one good step to providing a grindy way of having some hope of getting these top-end heroes. I also think:

  • increase the drip rate of gems, 10 gems for leveling up? How about 10*level plus an epic troop and epic hero token. How about a Gems III quest with more substantial rewards?
  • add a potential drop of an Atlantis coin for each level farmed, even after going through the first time. Give a reason to farm there and a chance to accumulate more coins for summons.

Reminder: Original Topic is F2P vs P2P Challenge (see first post). :slight_smile:

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