P2p Vs F2p

So everyday i complain about the imbalance between f2p and p2p. Simply trying to better the game as a whole for all involved. Yet every day i face those that combat this topic.

So for those of you that don’t believe there is a big imbalance between f2p and p2p(bigger imbalance than originally intended) I’ve come up with the challenge below.

Would prefer if you could provide some kind of screenshots or video evidence but i can tell by some of the people i discuss this with, that would be asking too much.

-Raid the top 100 using only season 1 heros and use only season 1 heros on your defense team. Let me know how it goes. No hotm, no event heros, no season 2 heros.

-Complete the christmas quest using the same guidelines.

-Hit 11 and 12* titans with same guidelines and score 70k+ in 3 hits on at least 3 titans without tornados or timestops

If u really think this game has 0 imbalance then u should have no problem at all completing that challenge and we’ll go with the honor system if you are unable to provide proof.

And you have to use troops lower than level 15

If players can do all of those things then I’ll chalk it up to only events being p2w. If not then there is an imbalance in the game and it should be acknowledged, admitted, and addressed


p2w?.. more like p2p :slight_smile:

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Should i edit it? Lol

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i think so. you pay to play more/have more heroes chances… winning is debatable as per ‘brains’ used ;))


My RedHood is a downside at titans :))

True but so are a lot of heros at those levels. Even p2w players with multiple maxed 5s are using wilbur and tarlak to place good scores

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Albeit slim, chances remain for some of those items you are eliminating from the challenge… Hotm, Season 2. Quest heroes recieved from placing 1 in the world are a long bow though.

Tough gig - not sure if it is doable. Perhaps this will spawn a Puritan revolution for an alliance?


I just feel there is a strong imbalance in the game and everyday people argue it and refuse to acknowledge it. This is simply telling them to back up their theory.

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I hit red and yellow 11 and 12 Titan with only s1 heroes. And yes I usually score 70k in 3 hits, not always but most of the time. No tornadoes or time stops needed.

No I am not f2p, spend about $5-10 a month here

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Which heros? And could you do the rest of the challenge as well?

Good idea. I’m nowhere near top 100, but I would like to know what would happen if all heroes, apart from regular TC heroes were banned/made 100% inactive for 1 month😀

As for xma event - you can do it! I’ve done mine with only regular TC heroes and some toys🙋

Love the general idea of your post!


Which heros and did you complete normal and advanced?

Kiril, grimm Grimm mangi Wu
Sabrina tib obakaan sartana Wu

And I am in 7dh. I usually score in top 10 in Titan damage (except on blue). But for the last month, my score suck.

But I totally agree with you, there is a huge imbalance between f2p/c2p and the huge spenders


So far we’ve had 2 show these things are doable with f2p heros. Idk how viable 2 is out of 5 million+ downloads but lookin like I’ll have to admit there’s no imbalance by the looks of things

I didn’t do normal, since I don’t need those 3* mats (since I don’t spend much, my tc are busy with legendary training and I don’t level many heroes). For advanced you can beat it with a 4* team if you wanted to. In beta, I did used a 4* team. Only cost hp pots, she arrows until lvl 23 she 24 where I needed to carpet bomb them

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Impressive by the way. I dont hit 11* and 12* often enough to have any data of my own. But when i hear about 11 and 12* titans or even see YouTube videos wilbur and tarlak are commonly mentioned/used and those aren’t exactly easy to get by f2p

There’s clearly a big imbalance between F2P/C2P and P2P in this game (at least, it’s clear to me). Isn’t that by design, though? I imagine that SGG wants you to see how much easier/better/faster you’d do if you paid some cash. They probably figure the imbalance will encourage you to crowbar open the wallet.

“Man, I wish I had Guinivire on my raiding team. That’d be awesome. Maybe I’ll do just one 10-pull at Avalon… Darn… Maybe just one more…”


Do you want to set a limit on raid flasks, or is that not an issue because you can raid as much as you want but you may still lose…


I’ve been playing just over 3 months, started on 31 aug… I have 3 alliance friends all started within 1 week of me, I’ve purchased 2 x vip that’s it. They have all done on average 150 summons (paying for gems). I can tell you right now that although my city is further along than all 3 of them, they out score me on titans, and war. Blitz thru events no items! Smashed thru map, I completed season 1 today, they did it a month ago. While I play season 2 easy map they play hard map and are further thru it than myself! They are diamond lvl raiding, I’m platinum and on a bad day get pushed into gold (very rarely now). In the Xmas event they are stage 18 or higher, I’m targeting stage 12 max! Now that’s how money can change your game in 3 months… So those who are 1yr further into game and summon monthly are uncatchable end of story!
Rigs gets dugout on a daily basis for wanting to improve the game for those of us with less free income to spend! None of the changes he suggests benefit him apart from getting a more competitive environment to play in! So I thank you rigs, but unfortunately I think your flogging a dead horse!


Oh no, there is! Especially on war defence! Most of my alliance is f2p or c2p and when we are faced with opponents that have a lot of hotm or any other non regulars we know we can use the war as a practice arena as there is not a chance we can win with fast mana opponent using our beloved slow mana heroes which are easily and quickly countered by the new shiny heroes.

We still play, only we don’t push ourselves to score when it takes us good few attacks to take down the tank. And yes, most of us have been blessed with a lot of slow heroes - the only time managed to pull any special 5* was when I got the guardian owl (remember the very slow mana? I got it lol).

So yes I agree there is an imbalance but imagine the riot if ppl were spending hundreds or thousands a month and only had slow and standard to show for it… we have enough of “summoning is crap” posts as it is hahahahaha

Still love the game and made my peace with not competing at the top. What bothers me is that plenty do cup dropping and then I have to face them on my level😂…


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