P2L …. 80% of Raids Unplayable or with zero fun

As i said, i havent rerolled in 3 years. I had a faint memory of using gems to carry on, but i was wrong. Not that this is important on any level

The people that Zynga develop the game for are those who spend a lot on it. Other people just don’t matter so much to them.

They want to keep the game challenging even for the people who get all the new shinies (and want to compete), which can make things “unplayable” for players who spend less (but still want to compete).

Except for these options:

The only other alternative is to cup-drop. It’s an effective strategy but it’s a bit like playing the system rather than playing the game.
For other players, this should not be the only option to have fun.

Full heartedly agree. I got to the point where I just go mono and hope I can fire one time. Not even caring for suitable troops anymore. It has become so annoying. Then, after about four rounds of not-matching tiles I flee because all hope is lost already…
Today I think I lost 7 out of 10 fights in the heroes league (of course, I wasn‘t matched with one of all the 3*-Teams that are ranked high above me). 9 of 10 got Nautica as a tank. Suitable tiles were suspiciously seldom. And worst of all, the attack animations take forever! If your opponents dance the Odile-dance it’s pure torture! I‘d rather flee than wait till everyone had his turn of hitting me.
It all happened so fast, from fun to nuisance in a few months. What a pity…


You hit the nail…I have the following usable heroes: Farrah, Timid, Versus, Carta, Lemonhead, Starwalker, Toon Mariana and Azalea, Water pipe, Toon Santana. If I use heroes like Erlang Shen or Ada Linda they get one shot killed. They are essentially at this point filler material to get a tiny bit of tile effect.

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impressive team €€ :scream::scream:

Kwiz or how they call themselfs now.
Gipsy Danger is outspending everyone at the moment, even Departed.

Happy gaming


Actually it is because rerolling is my daily bread abd butter for a good win % in diamond as ftp. :slight_smile:
And I could not do it with gems.

Unfortunately yes and that is probabely the reason I find so many 6k+ Goblin/owl/construct teams in the 2.6-2.8 k cup range. :face_vomiting: :rage:


Who is the yellow one? The green one is Pophit? Heck four level 30 legendary troops. That lineup must be close to 10k expensive. Wouldn’t you want to spend that money more wisely? Like on a couple of hookers for a weekend? ,:slightly_smiling_face:

I feel guilty when I sometimes get close to my $50 a month limit. That kind of spending is a borderline addiction problem.


Ever since they released the superheroes, it has amplified the chasm between players. My team mate collected 11 zeros today. He has a 6700 team with costume LOTL, Nautica, Vaishali, Ommudus and Lodius. One player after another ranging from 5500 through 6100 hit granite. I can definitely see why people would rage quit. We have been on the receiving end as well of that scenario.

I cup dropped for a while but it really is not much fun to revenge on players that have no chance.


Indeed, I feel that winning an attack requires a lot of luck. If you’re lucky, all allies can use their skills. If you’re not lucky, it may take half a day for the mana slot to be full, but the enemy can easily destroy your team with 2-3 skills.

Depends on what level you raid, how much thought you invest into your raids and if the skip button is your friend or not.

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