P2L …. 80% of Raids Unplayable or with zero fun

Fully agree !! This is exactly the point !!
A better balance will for sure improve the gameplay and will permit again to think about the best team you can put instead of simply re-roll to find easier opponent or use mono .

Not clear for me . Re-roll & gems , what do you mean ?

Hello, I completely agree with your comments.
Currently raids have become unplayable. For the League of Heroes, I start the fight and often I leave straight away because the team opposite has a super tank and my starting puzzle is not good. For daily raids, I set a defense team at 5200. I can use a team defense at 6800.
The game has lost a lot of quality. As a result, this no longer makes me want to spend on heroes who are outdated after 2 months and whose drop rates are very low. It’s a shame, the game has become average, boring. I play it more as a hobby now.


Yes, I will continue to use common sense. You can continue to believe that your permission is required by others. I’ll allow you to do that, sweetie.

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What is your problem, Nope? Haven’t you even noticed that the topic is dead, has been dead for a while. Permission required? Frankly, no idea what you are banging on about. Never mind though.

Sorry, i didn’t know you were that much of a newbie. Everyone else is familiar with the terminology.

Sweetie? Lol, what century are you from? Lol, hubby and i are having a good laugh at your expense. Bye now, you were hilarious but enough is enough.

This shows how wrong way game goes to. This must not be solution. Solution MUST BE found by casino Zynga. Game must be playable without torturing yourself and pissed off.

But with 9 IQ employees find some solution is IMPOSSIBLE.


Ignore the utter clowns who think otherwise, I’ve spent thousands on this god-awful game (yes, I regret it and that is why I’m angered by these worthless beings doing what they do) - no matter how much you spend you’ll need to keep spending to even try and participate in all raids, it’s absolutely stupid - oh yeah, there’s a counter to the likes of Nautica, but you’re either going to have to be extremely lucky or shell out hundreds if not thousands of £££ to get it, go to hell you absolute worthless scum.

And it’s all copy-and-paste meta teams too, they’ve completely ruined this game and I hope they do themselves out of a job.


True, a lot of guys in my clan are putting now 5500+ teams and often only dlb 4* teams in raids for the same reason. Putting up your strongest team now only gives you in a big disadvantage in matchmaking if you want to complete missions… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Zynga does mafia practices that appear illegal. It feels ike people robbery with psychological casino slots


They have SIMPLE septic tank logic. Burn your flaks so that you can buy. What makes me laugh they and their trolls think that people not see their masks.

Hello we see you 9 IQ logic.

Everyone gonna need justice one day.

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I rather suspect that the definition of troll is lost on some people.


the only thing that needs rebalancing is the expectation of winning all the time. earlier on in the game’s life, I would win most everything. Now I don’t. My expectations have changed, but I smile and move on. It’s just a game

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Ja thats the way i see it too…i dont care what place i get . I dont even try to be in the the top 10000 it just doesn’t matter it is just a faking game …i get my enjoyment out of it with what i have plus iam since the beginning of this year FTP had everything disabled from support and i can sleep good at night with peace of mind that i don’t give any money out on this game . Iam having fun .

I’m with one toe left in the game.

I spended every month 1200-1500€ now i’m spending nothing anymore. Because they are not fair to a lot of people. Its feels good for me. And give me rest. Purchase block is the best thing i did in years


Thanks for sharing .
I think that what you wrote is very important and demonstrates how big is the mistakes of the current Commercial Strategy that drives the Technical development of the game (and then most of the technical complains such as raid etc.) .
If “whales” like you , but I know several other , stop completely to spend in the game , it means that this new forced “commercial model” is WRONG ….
hope something will change in the future or we will not celebrates the tenth anniversary….

One of the big mistakes IMHO is to release each day one new hero which makes the previous one obsolete ….

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Dont forget the other 5 they release alongside the OP one.

You will get one of those 5 when you succumb to temptation and pull heavily from the portal.


agreed. There are just too many heroes that will either kill your entire team or make sure you don’t recover once they get to use their Action. It used to be so much more balanced and fun. Now, if the tiles aren’t immediately in your favor, it’s over very quick thanks to all the OP heroes.


Problem it’s not the terminology and I’m not a newbie (nor in the game , nor in real life …. ) You said you use gems for re-roll raids …. Maybe are you wrong? If not , I’ll be happy to discover a new thing .