OzyOzyOzy is after members

OzyOzyOzy is After new members.

We are a long standing alliance for 18 months plus (600 days there abouts) with half our members with me since the beginning also.

We are very very active players daily with someone online mostly every hour of the day. All our members are mature adults and many with full time jobs and families.

We kill our daily 8 to 10 star titans but most we prefer to stay at 9* atm with the odd 10* we let escape to bring us back down a star. HARPOONS are used on every titan so there are always titan parts in our rewards.

We do every ALLIANCE War and lose 1 every now and then as our win rate is so high that we are eventually matched with a way to strong opponent but that really has to be a strong opponent as we are quite strong ourselves with some of us being able to down opponents with 4300/4400+ tp.
We get our 2 resets every match with capability for a 3rd if it’s really required. Wars are optional thought and those not able to use their hits will/do opt out accordingly.

Every member helps the other with anything and everything as they request it and we also use the Line App to communicate as there are other members who are not or where in our alliance in the past still chatting with us or they are registered permanent MERC’S which we can call upon when needed.

Ours members range from a couple highly levelled f2p players, cp2 thus including myself to a few bigger frequent spenders. Our smallest member is at level 27 with the highest in the 60’s with a few members having multiple accounts also.

We have members that make the top 100 leader board now and then and a few that finish in the top 50 in raid tournaments also thus always on able to help with team options.


Players which are highly motivated daily active players prepared to join our ranks and become a long standing member.
Obviously titans are a must on a daily based unless your on a plane/trip in which case providing us with a prewarning is advised as real life does come first but as we are all family we respect every other member thus always keep the alliance update with real life events and or issues.

Wars are optional but if your opted in all hits must be used and I will boot players who opt in and don’t use any hits at all or don’t use every hit in concecutive wars. I have been playing for just over 2 yrs and never missed a war or hit myself and I work long hours.

You must be aware that the first rule of logging in before doing anything is to check in the message board for titan and war updates especially before using hits on a titan and understand that when it says not to hit the titan that you don’t as we time it so that every or at least most depending on time zones of cause have 3 titan flags for the next one. Titan decisions are always made around the 12hr mark.

We also have a growing sister alliance which you can go to if you feel you need a break from the strong stricter daily chores or if your going away for a week or so not able to use hits as required.


If you are a reliable very active daily player with 1200+ cups and understand simple rules, are able to communicate and have fun in chats with us and able to follow war strategies according your roster and want the security of a reliable long standing alliance you would like to call home then come in for a visit and have a chat,

Looking forward to seeing you

You will find us by typing OZY (just once as typing it 3 timesin the alliance search tab and then look for OzyOzyOzy with leader name Gridlock1ooo.

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