Own An-windr and him never doing any damage bug

I own an-windr. I just maxed him and put a talent point on him to use in future gaurdians challenges. I have been experimenting with him to see how his special skill works. As it turns out he never does any damage to the enemy. He skill duration ends and… nothing.

Later I realized that his damage happens at the end of the enemy’s turn when the buff expires.

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I used him for the first time in tavern of legends and I swear I noticed the same thing, thought I was going crazy.

I have him and he permanently sits on the bench at 1/1.
I have no idea if I should max him or feed him to another.

I just tried with unleveled An-Windr in S1 17.1 and it did damage. Seems like at least mine is doing its job. But i must admit that the symbol for the damage dealt is somewhat confusing:

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Mine also didn’t do any damages when turns end, bug?

To be very honest, I fed mine away lol

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