Owls: game over

I’ve been playing since 2018, actually pulled Gravemaker during my first month of play. Pulled some very good heroes lately. I’m not sure if I am a whale or just a dolphin, but spent too much IMO.

The owls represent the emend of the game for me. Will try to force myself to F2P until the fun is lost then quit.

Heroes that bypass taunt and high defense and cannot have their special damage lowered and pretty much 1-shot an entire team is absolutely ridiculous. SGG clearly doesn’t care about this game being fun anymore, the only want to release OP heroes to make people spend.

I’m sure the whales will comment here trying to come up with some reason why they think I’m wrong, but at the end of today, there is no point summoning anymore. Even new heroes will be worthless in diamond raids in a few short months as they continue to accelerate the release of more and more OP specials.

Thanks for the game, it used to be way more fun than it is now. At least it provided some good years of entertainment


I haven’t run the maths, but “Owls + Goblins = Pay to Win” was my reaction reading the card descriptions.

I guess there’s still a fun game to be had in Platinum and Diamond sort of levels, but it seems odd that the developers would create a paywalled autowin button for the top levels of play.


Pulled Fulvia on my second coin pull of three.


You got lucky four months for me before first 5*.

Perhaps that set you on a bad precedent

Wherever you go, have a hoot


That’s your response to this thread? Disconnected :laughing:


Towers were always my favorite event. With my hodge-podge of hero’s, it was fun to create teams to beat the various obstacles.

Owl Tower is not fun for me. I can’t enjoy the challenge to complete it. It is at its core, buy the heroes or spam time stops. It’s not like I will spend I pile of gems to get these hero’s. It still misses the fun-factor. Very disappointed that my favorite part of the game appears broken.


That’s too bad, this is exactly what the whales wanted, more OP hero to chase. When OP hero needed balance and nerf they protest until SG stop the nerf and only buffs, so here we are only way to go is up. Cheers! :beer::rofl:


im quite sure those owls will be buffed soon - after second thoughts they dont look very exciting for new heroes
except the blue one but blue seems to have replaced purple as SGs favorite colour

none of them is op really

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I got screwed on lvl 8 2 times. Yeah I also loved towers, but this one seems it will be a pain in the ■■■


I will just say that I am sorry (but completely understand) the game has lost its fun for you and wish you well in the future. Hopefully going ftp can bring back at least some of it for a while.


I have read with interest until this point…


I agree, they hung the noose this time.

F2P in January and then once I’ve had enough and done everything I want to - uninstall, they are currently making ALL of the current heroes we have useless by releasing new stupid OP heroes and costumes - the specials are one thing but the continued increase in stats is what’s truly killing it - imo all heroes should be equalised in stats as they’re all of the same tier, that won’t even happen obviously, however, it’s the only logical way to save this game.


its their “new” way of nerfing heroes older than a few months without being called a nerf



Very few connect the dots of creep effect on the entire ecosystem. And instead focus on a single dot, of how a creep is still “beatable”.

Tho, I don’t think nerfing entire rosters is “new”
But rather…


Honestly… since costumes have been introduced, the word “balance” has become comedy.

For a good laugh, give their FAQ a read sometime:

Balance FAQ


but i guess that “person” that came up with that idea of nerfing every hero constantly all the time with every release of every new hero sure was voted employee of the month or year

no more shitstorms from departed & others but “nerfing” harder than ever before :sweat_smile:

Towers have always been a slog for me. This is worse than a slog. I can’t see it getting better — if level 5 purple owl can drop a team of 5* to less than 50% health and be charged up to halfway on the next turn, that’s just not beatable if they keep growing with higher levels.

If the “real” heroes in raids are that bad, I guess I’m going to be spamming the re-roll even more than I was. Not holding my breath to ever see one of these in my account.


maybe its the intention to make them look stronger as event opponents to boost summons for them? :sweat_smile:

Tell me about it, they must have taken the uproar regarding their “Big Balance Update” in the summer personally.

wishing you the best, hope you still find some fun even after going FTP!


These levels are tough with those owl bosses hitting so hard.

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