"Overwhelmed by the interest in the Gigantic Discount Offer"

So the developers have decided this: Regarding the Gigantic Discount Offer

With the greatest respect, this is complete **** ****.

You have to be ******* crazy to think that this is a reasonable response.

It’s possibly the only thing which actually makes the situation worse.

What a big **** *** to everyone who hasn’t bought it yet, including those who presumably were offered it and were thinking about it.

The OBVIOUS thing to do, you ****ing ******, is to make it available to everyone.

People are sad about missing the “initial offers”, but they get over it because IT WAS OFFERED and they didn’t buy it (for whatever reason).

Only offering something to a subset of your user base is a **** move, and withdrawing it now is even worse, you ****wits.


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