Overview of buyable backgrounds


Could we get an overview of backgrounds which are buyable with gems? I do not want to buy one and find out, that I rather want another one. No, I don’t have any other problems :grin:

I also would like to know, if the background from Season 2 Province 4 stage 2 will become buyable? The one with the special stage(Magic Knight).

Add a gallery in which we can see all backgrounds, pins and avatars :male_detective:


I already posted this idea … and they refused it as they do usually with any ideas that intouch with their funds.


I want to buy but I can’t. If they want to increase their funds, this would help. I can not buy because I can’t decide which background would fit best. To compare them is the solution for this problem.


I think they’d rather you buy it… and then buy another one when they do the one you really want!


No, I’m waiting until they introduce a gallery :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1: