Oversight In “Balance” Discussions

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I know the debates of buffing, nerfing, etc have been heating up lately. The general consensus by a lot of players is buffing older 5*’s to a level more comparable with the newer 5’s. This in and of itself isn’t a bad idea, but a part I have never seen anyone bring up yet (admittedly I don’t read every post on all boards) is the trickle down effect this would have to the game.

I think of the millions of players game and world wide and bet most still use 4’s to some extent. I am a 3 year FTP and yes, I can make teams of all 5’s. I do not have say 30 maxed 5’s for wars and still choose emblemed 4’s over 5’s for team synergy situationally.

Currently these emblemed 4’s can hang with most of the 5’s out there for raiding in wars. At least enough to “give it a try” and feel competitive. This is meant in general terms as it can depend on the the enemy 5’s, tiles (of course), emblem count, etc. My concern would be if the collective “we” get what we’re asking for; all (or most) older 5’s get a boost of say 15-20% to match the new 5’s what does that do for game balance and competitive nature trickling down to the people who don’t have 30+ maxed 5’s.

Are we simply “balancing” by expanding who gets to play in the “top tier” and merely lowering by TP standards the break point of “haves” and “have-nots” to people who have 5’s and those you don’t?

This is not so much an issue down to 3’s I think as the gap (level 50 to level 70) from 3-4 is naturally bigger and they aren’t meant to be comparable long term. I do believe original game intent was for 4’s to be usable with 5’s in the long term. This is especially true given the rarity of 5’s for C2P and F2P, which are most players. Emblems jeopardized this, but to boost most 5’s would just be kind of a death blow to that concept in general. There are exceptions with certain 4’s, especially newer ones, or ones with certain synergies, but it would invalidate so many 4’s.

I am not sure I have an idea or answer for this, but think it should collectively be considered and discussed. Otherwise I think all we’re doing is moving the “break point” rather than solving anything. I also think if this point lowers too much, like the point of invalidating most 4’s, it discourages a lot of people to stick around the game when the writings in the wall like that at that stage. I wouldn’t blame them either if their liking for a simple casual dalliance (healthy? :laughing:) with a mobile game.

Maybe the answer is perspective and the vanilla 5’s are more “transitional” to the top tiers. Maybe the answer is a new raid arena and we just make the split all together with a new class or calling some heroes 6*’s. That would avoid the comparison all together and you know what you’re facing.

Like I said, I don’t have a real answer. It is a difficult problem to address, but I think it needs to be considered for the health or the game as a whole as most players in the game (not necessarily in the forums) fall into this category.

Sorry @moderators if this should be somewhere else.

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Excellent points here, @Muchacho. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As you know, we of the F2P Rebellion like finding uses for those underused heroes, and you may be right about moving the gap.

If costumes had stayed an S1 thing, I think this would have been less of an issue. S1 costumes made a lot of good fours better and some bad fours usable. Sabina is back in my rotation, for example, but I will probably never run her out of costume again because her ability is that good. Costumes remain reasonably accessible for most players, although straight balance changes were probably preferable. Now that it looks like a) every hero will get a costume; and b) priority is not being given to those heroes that need a costume to keep them relevant; I think your above-stated concerns are well-founded. It’s really just unbelievable how bad an idea non-S1 costumes are.


Main issue of balancing is… SGG don’t do it well. :laughing:

In another game I play, when the devs balance the game they balance the game. So in E&P terms, not only do older 5* heroes get rebalanced (no costumes and other band-aid type fixes), but 4* and 3* heroes get balanced in line. Part of the rebalancing means changing hero stats and tweaking their specials. It also meant when the time came, 6* and above were introduced.

If it isn’t a revenue generating venture, then perhaps SGG will learn to balance the game. I hope to still be playing at that point.


It’s true, that is a bad idea.

I was referencing the push to have the vanilla 5’s just obtain a pure stat boost to put them on par with the newer 5’s. A costume would be on top of that. It’s fine for 5’s if 5’s are in a class/tier of their own. There may be some argument for that kind of tier deviation to be made too. That being said though, if that isn’t the intent it really makes intermingling of 4’s and 5’s difficult for even S3 4’s and virtually impossible for 90% of the 4’s out there.

If people say now the power gap of the top tier impacts too many people currently, moving it to the hero level delineation of 4’s and 5’s would easily double the people impacted/restricted. I think that would be more damaging to the game long term, as most players aren’t on the forum, then where the gap currently is. I bet a lot of the more casual players don’t really notice, or care, about it currently.


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