When you go on a raid how does it pick your opponent? Sometimes it gives me an opponent that’s like 500 or 600 more points than my team and that’s a pretty hard raid to win. You would think it would give you raids
that are pretty evenly matched

Raid oponents are selected according to cup +/- 300 if I’m correct. In that range you can have people with 500/600 more than you. I’m raiding most of the time with kiril boldustk grimm vivica and marjana (3680 of power) and in range 2400/2600 cups I’m mostly raiding people above 4000/4100. You have to try at least 300/400 above :slight_smile:

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If it’s too high for your liking, reroll.

If you are successful in a string of raids, you are more likely to be offered higher ranked opponents who have got a similar number of cups.

You can still find weaker teams, but you have to reroll more because fewer weaker teams will have accumulated that many cups.

The cups system has some flaws but it’s what we’ve got to work with.

So you’ll tend to bounce up and down. As your team improve, your natural position will rise.

Good luck with it. If it gets demoralising, check out the raid guide in the player guide section.


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Thank you that explains a lot

The game is designed to suck money out of people. See it for what it is.

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