Overpowered new Heroes make it impossible to enjoy the game

It is impossible to play with legend heros of first season or from 2019. Basically you can throw them away. New legend heros are impossible to pull. I play 4 years now and I never got a hero from any special legend hero from 2-6 season nor of the event, even I finished the season and also spend money didn’t matter. The monthly special heros are mostly weak compared to the special event heros. I pulled Myztero but even this a rare hero it is so lame even after the balancing so no use for this. I liked that the game has been good for active players but now it is only money driven. The development of the game makes it hard to enjoy more even they come up with good new stories and events. The overpowering of new heros is insane.

I’m sorry to hear, that you’re no longer enjoying it as much as you once did - I think many of us are in the same boat as you. :sailboat:

It helps me to cup drop a lot so that I’m not facing any of those new powerhouse heroes. But it’s not ideal, of course. Or fun having to do that.


This is one of the many reasons why I 105% advocate for the Season 1 Heroes getting either adopted into one of the pre-existing families that is most appropriate for them or having new families created to accommodate them.

This will give them a desperately needed power boost.

And the family should change depending on which costume they are wearing, if they are wearing one.

Each of the three season two families should get one extra perk for their family bonus as well because they currently have a rather lame perk compared to the new families who have at least two perks to their family name.

Atlantis family members should be immune to drowning in underwater maps, for example.

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play within your lane? join alliance and war with like minded players. reroll those you can’t beat? Don’t worry about the rest its a game?

I do the same. It’s not ideal, but if I do not do that, I will quickly get frustrated… and when I do face these heroes in War, I just sigh and do my best…

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Yes same here - in wars I just do clean ups mostly. No chance to take on those powerhouse heroes! :scream: :smile:

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I completely get your frustrations with some of the new heroes, as I mainly have older heroes from my bigger spending days, with the exception of a few lucky pulls recently. However, If you have multiple HOTM from 2019, you have hidden gems! I think the 2019 Family bonus is the best of any of the years, adding 10%/15%/20% attack for 1/2/3 heroes. I use Onatel, Margaret, and Seshat on my defense, along with Morel and Boldtusk. Morel for defense down, and the 2019 family bonus stacks with Boldtusks attack buff for an amazing attack stat on normal attacks. I raid with this rainbow team quite often with amazing success, and my defense regularly holds 2550 cups with these old heroes. Dont sleep on the 2019 family bonus!

Honestly, it does have a sort of killjoy feeling when the match is over before you even get to fire your specials. But it does feel so much better, albeit exhausting, when you beat an OP team. Similar to the feeling when you do a summons on an event portal, and you see 5 stars, but it’s Lianna.

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Or Obakan, or Thorne… Yes, it is deflating.

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I got your points. Tournaments are extremely depressing already. Rush wars getting even worse everyday. Other war modes are getting worse too because newer heroes not only have better specials, stats and passives plus they do what slow older heroes does at fast or average.

For me it’s not a game I’d recommend to anybody. It’s unbalanced and lacks quality. Sadly it’s ruined if you look from a whole.


Seems you’ll be getting your wish very soon.


Anyway, I doubt it will make more of a difference regarding the OP…

Are we allowed to reply to these posts?

Nope, but usually there’s an additional discution thread related to official posts like this one.

I feel like this is exaggerated. My roster is not fully FTP, but is certainly not on the high end. By judiciously avoiding the “all W3K heroes, LOL, no chance to beat us, loser” teams, I got to global 29 just filling an ordinary raid chest. I’m not using a lot of S1 heroes, certainly, and none without a costume (though I prefer Khagan base to his costume, I have leveled the costume and am benefiting from it).

It is possible to compete, to have fun, but there are teams that you just know that you’re going to lose against. So you click re-roll and fight a different one.

Of course you don’t have that luxury in war, and the game likes to pit alliances with 3 or 4 Alfrikes in the whole alliance against teams running Alfrike in every team and sometimes doubled and with Mother North and Kalø in the wings. It is certainly demoralizing to get hit with a DD followed by Khufu before getting any matches of your own on a very fast war. But I suspect that’s demoralizing even if you have a $10,000 roster.

Everybody but the biggest whales has this challenge, really.

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I think that the heroes from the previous seasons should be withdrawn (retired) and if they were developed, an equivalent should be given (for example in the form of heroes-trainers). Because the infinitely expanded pool from which the heroes are drawn drastically reduces the chances of better heroes. At least that’s how it is in multiplayer games on PC.