Overpowered and Underpowered Heroes

What are your thoughts? To kick the topic off, I think Boldtusk is potentially a 5-star hero. I have more difficulty with him than I do many 5* heroes, in Raids. Just my 2 cents.



Lol i completely agree. I understand that a 5* is essentially a lucky find and should be pretty much super powerful, but Boldtusk is someone I truely fear. He heals so fast and has some solid defense! I mean, Im wishing I had him but then, I pity the fool who fights me later. Just a tad bit over powered. Maybe move his special speed down a notch?..
My alliance could vouch for my lothe of Boldtusk!!!


To be honest, I feel that the label Over Powered or OP is used when what someone really means is they don’t have the team to deal with that particular heroes special ability. I have dealt with Boldtusk and do not see him as more powerful that several of the others.

That is also why I was sad to see then nerf Gambler’s Stance when there were several others that I perceive as more powerful and they ignored them.

Some heroes seem weaker until you get the right combo going and they then shine.

Just my opinion of course. :slight_smile:


As much as I hate to say it boldtusk needs to be nerfed. When 80-90% of top level teams have him in the middle spot it suggests something is amiss. In my last 10 raids I am 0-6 against teams with boldtusk, and 4-0 against teams without. Small sample size, but suggestive none the less.


I’m agree with you, but most of all from red characters which I want is the Boldtusk (i’m not sure :thinking: ). Of course if I will find heroes 4*+ with healing for example from yellow color I will have to change my plans about “dream team”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree, Boldtusk is much too strong, you cannot have a healer that he’s being used as tank in the front spot. You cannot take it down before he heals his team and boots attacks. Kiril is in the same situation: a healer used also as tank.
Really? Com’on.


Also agree. Boldtusk is a monster and needs to go down a peg. Him and Kiril are the only heroes outside of my own team that I know by name because I hate them so much. And yeah, if I had the chance I’d add them to my team simply because they steamroll everything and everyone.

The ONE time I was able to kill Boldtusk, he was placed in the back and thus was the last character on the field, allowing me to charge abilites without hitting him and take him down after about a dozen turns. I have taken down 5 star heroes much more easily and far more often.

Nerf it. Nerf it from orbit.


Does he need to be nerfed or be turned into a more costly hero thus raising teams he is will into higher brackets?

Just curious if that would make a real difference or not.


Wow… Suprised nobody has mentioned this… BALTHAZAR needs to be nerfed(power adjustment) at full mana, his attack wipes ANY fighter on your lineup… So If i see a player with a lvl 50 BALTHAZAR, i don’t raid them… Its not worth the hassle… Chances are im going to lose…


@novacastrian 've heard this once before in Global. I thought the guy was just doing something wrong. He said he one-shotted Gormek, unbuffed. I was surprised lol

Utterly agree with you (and plotting to get my hands on the nearest Balthazar!) :grin:

I wrote an email to the devs about this on 5* hero’s I’ll see if I can find it.

After doing some study on your 5* hero’s I’ve found some are seriously lacking.
To start with I’ll begin with a numbers count.

2 green and purple 3 red 4 yellow 5 blue (if you want to count the gimmick rabbit)
If there is more coming out disregard that part.

Next is the abilities missing from 5*.
No attack buff, no offensive dispel and no spirit link.
Why no hero’s in the 5* have these is a bit odd. Not to worry though I will cover some of these in the next section.

Individual hero’s.

I’ll start with the obvious, Quintus.
The guy is useless 5* multi hitter with no extra effect, only 5* with no extra effect. His base stats are very low for a multi hitter too. He is the worst 5* hero, not counting the rabbit. He really needs an effect added. Like spirit link to help his poor defense stats.

Justice and horghall. Both of these guys specials are simply duplicates of 4* hero’s skittleskull and hu tao. A 5* slow build no wants to use because it takes so long to build mana they hardly ever get to fire. Not only that, a slow build will never get a chance in raids to hit all 5 opponents. Apart from a slight boost to damage and base stats these hero’s are just lazy copies. Why they get 6 round effect only at 5* slow build when you have a 5* fast doing a 4 round full team effect, magni, a 4* average build doing a 6 round effect, boldtusk, is beyond me.
Not only that but the effects are minimal 34% decrease for horghall in attack and same accuracy reduction for justice as joon.

Do a poll ask the players how many want Quintus over sartana or justice over joon or horghall over lianna. The answer is none. The slow build guys are seriously underpowered and too slow to be of any want to anyone.

Next is vivica. Another slow build 2% higher heal then 4* healers Sabina melendor and rigard. 2% only really??
Not only that rigard has the exact same dispel as vivica. Then you add 4 round defense buff. Same as magni. I can use magni and keep a whole team protected with extra defense for whole fights. You are lucky to get vivica to fire once during a fight. As the only healer in the game thats 5* you make her slow build. I can heal 2-3 times faster using any of the above hero’s I mentioned. She needs to be average speed.

Finally thorne. His attack stat is so low that some 3* hero’s are 40-50 points away on base stats. I can kill red hero’s faster with green tiles then with thorne on blue tiles. Thats backwards.
Also the special you gave him is a watered down version of the 4* hero’s tiburtus gormek and Grimm.
Why does thorne have no extra effect?
Leonidas is same mana build but has 3 effect and same with Richard on 2 effects. This would be a perfect spot to address the attack buff issue I mentioned before. A 4-5 round buff on attack would make thorne a useful hero.

2 other suggestions I have is a change on raid formations. Right now we all use a V. Why not mix it up a bit? A reverse v 2 up front 3 out back etc. Let a player choose how they want their hero’s to fight formation wise. It will bring some strategy into the game and revitalize some hero’s worth.
Second suggestion is regarding titans. People wait 18 hours for 4.5 minutes of fight. I know refills have been brought in, we love it, great work. How about a bit more then 4 1/2 minutes fighting though after 18 hours? You could increase titan health 3x, give players a 18 hit energy counter and cut down energy point timer to 20 minutes per unit. This will keep the titan as hard to kill, but give players more fight time.

Hope you seriously consider these improvements before more people quit the game.


As for everyone saying boldtusk is over powered the truth his he isn’t. The nerfing was just right. Rigard at tank is just as hard to kill.
Reason why people use boldtusk instead of kiril is because its a 6 round buff not 3.
People need to remember that there is only a handful of 5* fully ascended hero’s going around. So the 4* full ascended are still very strong, this is why people use boldtusk as a tank.
Dont be calling for nerfing unless you know what you are on about.


I just hope this does not get used as an excuse to nerf down the 4* heroes. Bad enough they have already made a few less than useful.

Great write up though. :relaxed:


I never once mention nerfing. it should go the other way. The 5* are the cream of the crop. The specials and stats should suggest that. The 5* should be increased.


To go the other way, I will say I find Joon surprisingly easy to kill before his special is ready.

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I was saying I hope they don’t use your arguments as an excuse to nerf the 4* heroes, not that you suggested it. :relaxed:

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On the subject of underpowered…i feel bad for anyone using Scarlett…i switch out hawkmoon for her after she exceeded damage and health but honestly she is terrible. The poor girls defense is so attrocious. If i see someone with her I count that as one less hero they are rolling with. Does anyone else agree?..pooor scarlett


Drat, I’ve been lvling Scarlett, since my other 3* Red tended to die on me. Noooooooo

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