Overkilling titan wastes flags

When a titan is almost dead several alliance members hit it at the same time. When adding up everyones hits, it is more than the titan hp that was left. Meaning several members wasted their flags since the titan was already dead when they attacked the titan. Need to fix this.

Ever heard of communication?


Yeah, i dont think that works when theres seconds left. Plus it shouldnt even be an option. But thanks for that ingenious suggestion.

If you’re taking the Titan down to seconds left, then imho you’re gonna have to ‘live with’ losing some flags.

Killing it with more time left allows your alliance to communicate. That should be the target. (Imho)


Killing the titan as quick as possible i would think is every alliance’s target. But the opportunity to waste flags still exists. Which is my point.

In my alliance there’s the 100k rule: under 100k titan’s HP everyone has to declare the attack and all the members have to wait until the player finish his attack thus preventing overlapping attack.

If you’re in a rush because there’s litlle time to finish it then overlapping attack may cause more damage to the titan because of the way the attack damage are sent to the servers: they are asynchronous so there is no way to check if one attack did more damage than another concurrent attack


How exactly is this to be corrected?

One person attacks with 20k left on the titan but gets bad boards and only does 19k with seconds left. Oh well, titan escaped.

One person attacks with 5k left then immediately gets a phone call and has to answer it. Oh well, titan escaped.

There is no guarantee. Better to overkill than not kill.


Nothing to fix here. Need to communicate who’s hitting when titan is almost dead.

SGG have bigger fish to fry.


If the servers are asynchronous, during the "processing time " cant the data be compared and the difference equal a negative number meaning an overkill happened then you get your flag back.

20 characters of this


Oh communication…problem solved great solution. Didnt think of that.

let’s try with a scenario: there’s still 20k left to kill the titan and you start to attack (sending damage to the servers). Another player start attacking while there’s still 9k (and the information is sent to him asynchronously ). The second player scores 9k and you score 15k. This means 24k in total which is more than the initial 20k. what you suggest is that the server has to give either of you a flag back because of the overkilling when neither of you could kill it. It doesn’t sound fair to me.


Hmmm, good point. Ill have to think about that a little more. Theres a way.

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Getting a flag back makes no sense. No matter the sceanario. Two people attack the titan while it‘s alive. Both people have to use their flag to do so. If you reject the communication solution you should live with overkilling titans „in the laaaast second“ :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

This is a non issue and has been answered above, but I’ll summarize.

a. Don’t let the titan get down to seconds left. if you have made it that far, It’s worth flasking if the flags you need aren’t online to not allow the potential loss
b. Communication. My alliance (and many others) call their hit at sub 100k health. This 100% solves your issue when you also follow point #1

And FWIW, SG deploying resources to “fix” this non issue takes away from real issues and product improvements.

Work as a team. Communicate. Kill titans with a minimum of 3 hours left so 100% of the alliance has at least on flag when the next titan spawns. If members aren’t pulling their weight, kick them and find better teammates.


There must be a reason why the servers are processing data asynchronously.

Do you want to try to write the code and handel the server/network load of processing millions of data points per second instead of a batched payload at the end of an event?

Thats why.


They already answer you but can i be even more direct?

If you are in a rush and kill the titan at the last second (so you can’t declare your hit and avoid this situation) then most probably the next titan is a miss so it doesn’t care if you waste 1 or 2 hits.

The problem is not even in place.


Do you understand what that means? Because if you wanted data to be processed synchronously, you would have no argument for everyone using flags. The titan has 20k hp left, and three of you attack at the same time. One team does 6k damage, the second team does 10k damage, and the third team does 4k damage. The titan dies before the 1:30 is up for all three teams. No one gets a flag refund.


That’s not the point, the data to the servers arrive asynchronously starting from the device you and your teammate use (for sure those are not synched :sweat_smile:), then the servers have to send back the new reduced titan’s HP to you, all your teammates, and all the other million players battling their own titans. All those communications back and forth can’t be synched, and FWIW I’m a software engineer and I assure you it can’t be done (or at least I wouldn’t know how :rofl:)