Overhaul of popup on starting a fight when roster is full

Currently there a 2 choices to make (don’t know the exact wording in english, as I play a german ui, but I would translate it to): “Continue anyway” and “Extend roster”.

I’d guess hardly anyone is clicking “Continue anyway” because that would meen to loose a possible feeder. But its ok to have such a button, to not force people to have free space to play a level… Anyway, the second button with “Extend roster” is totally useless. I get it, they try to encourage people to spend gems/money, but i doubt that anyone is spending spontaniously just because he wants to play a level. If I really want more space, i’d go to the shop and buy it there, and take the additional clicks to get there this maybe 5 to 10 times in my player career to actually extend my roster.

But what i do in 99.99999999% of the time (like always, except maybe once ore twice where I actually clicked “Extend roster” because i wanted to buy it anyway, when hitting the space cap the next time) is clicking “back/close” as long as it is needed to get to my roster and feed away some feeders. And afterwards again do multiple clicks to get back to the level i wanted to play.
So what I really would appreciate here, is a button to get to my roster in one click, make some space by feeding, and when I close the roster getting back to where I came from, speaking, the selected level I wanted to play.
This would save soooo many clicks…
So one option would be to replace the “Extend roster” button by a “Go to roster” or simply add a third button…

Regards Sauronia


And I have to do it twice because I rush :triumph:

This would be a great help. I have limited free space on my bench so I am constantly encountering this message.

OTOH the message about increasing my food or iron storage when full is completely useless. It’s not like I’m going to stop there and wait 5-7 days to upgrade my storage bins before playing that level.

Only 4 people are annoyed of this popup?

Ok guys, i got it. Hardly anyone dislikes this popup^^

Well I agree with you but the voting system here is trash. How many votes could you have active again? So we can only agree to the most wanted ones. So while this would be a quality of life change for the better there are some requests that people think have a higher priority.

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