Overhaul of popup on starting a fight when roster is full

Currently there a 2 choices to make (don’t know the exact wording in english, as I play a german ui, but I would translate it to): “Continue anyway” and “Extend roster”.

I’d guess hardly anyone is clicking “Continue anyway” because that would meen to loose a possible feeder. But its ok to have such a button, to not force people to have free space to play a level… Anyway, the second button with “Extend roster” is totally useless. I get it, they try to encourage people to spend gems/money, but i doubt that anyone is spending spontaniously just because he wants to play a level. If I really want more space, i’d go to the shop and buy it there, and take the additional clicks to get there this maybe 5 to 10 times in my player career to actually extend my roster.

But what i do in 99.99999999% of the time (like always, except maybe once ore twice where I actually clicked “Extend roster” because i wanted to buy it anyway, when hitting the space cap the next time) is clicking “back/close” as long as it is needed to get to my roster and feed away some feeders. And afterwards again do multiple clicks to get back to the level i wanted to play.
So what I really would appreciate here, is a button to get to my roster in one click, make some space by feeding, and when I close the roster getting back to where I came from, speaking, the selected level I wanted to play.
This would save soooo many clicks…
So one option would be to replace the “Extend roster” button by a “Go to roster” or simply add a third button…

Regards Sauronia


And I have to do it twice because I rush :triumph:

This would be a great help. I have limited free space on my bench so I am constantly encountering this message.

OTOH the message about increasing my food or iron storage when full is completely useless. It’s not like I’m going to stop there and wait 5-7 days to upgrade my storage bins before playing that level.

Only 4 people are annoyed of this popup?

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