Overflow of 3*'s in Atlantis pulls

Has anyone else had the issue with the overflow of 3* heroes from Atlantis?
I managed to get a 4* but also a very ugly 3* that I fed to my green Margaret!
What I heard my teammates complain about had me thinking. The numerous pulls that they did and got the same hero at all times is cause for alarm.

The odds of getting season 2 3*s (I’m assuming those are the “ugly” ones lol) is higher in the Atlantis portal. This is normal.




Like he’ll it is! You save you work…very hard to be rewarded with only 3*'s…get outta here!

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The heroes you get through summons, regardless of how much you save, are still at the mercy of Lady Luck. You are not guaranteed anything regardless of how much you save. And yes… that can mean you save up for a while and all you get is heartbreak.

While I understand the frustration of not getting what you want, I can assure you that what I said is true. The odds are published in the summon portal:

That’s how luck works.

Be that as it may, you at least get an ascension material from doing 10 summons. And if you didn’t have those 3*s before then keep 1 of each, because they’ll all be useful in raid tournaments and challenge events where only 3*s are allowed.


LOL most of my Atlantis pulls don’t even give me Atlantis heroes. I get Ulmers and Priscas. I’m actually somewhat happy when I get a 3* Atlantis hero, if only because it’s something different from what I already have (even though I might never actually use them).

According to the posted odds that @DaveCozy posted, you have more than a 70% chance of only getting a 3*. So it’s actually not surprising to see the majority of players getting mostly 3*. It would be more surprising if that wasn’t the case.

Now before anyone gets mad at me and accuses me of White Knighting or working for “them” or whatever, I’m just stating the reality of the situation (don’t shoot the messenger). I don’t like the odds any better than anyone else. But there they are. The majority of pulls are always going to result in 3* heroes. That’s just how it works. It’s how it has always worked for me. If the rest of you are accustomed to pulling 5* on a regular basis, the fact is that your luck has been exceptionally good in the past, and you are just now beginning to experience the much more common 3* luck that people like myself have sadly come to expect on every day that ends in the letter Y.


Yep, that’s reality…just sucks when you are FTP or CTP and drop a 10 or 30 pull and get nothing. It REALLY hurts. Trust me…I did a 30 pull this Atlantis and got 26 3* heroes and 4 duplicate 4* heroes. Really stinks, but I expected it and thus wasn’t devastated by it. Disappointing, but hey that’s how it goes. Sucks even more when someone comes on here and says they got a 5* plus the HOTM in a single pull. But hey, life goes on.


What can you use all those Gatos for? Hmm…

(shown is their regular raid defense team, but it’s the same one they used in the war we had a while back)

Just saying :wink: you don’t need the fanciest and newest 5*s to have success in this game. I think of the 5*s as luxuries now, not necessities. And I :heart: Gato and all the Atlantis 3*s.


Domo arigato, I like my Gato :grin:

He doesn’t make my main team, but occasionally he gets a walk-on part in my wars :+1:

My first purple 4* pull was Ameonna. Underwhelming and a seemingly mostly useless special, but she has her uses. Decent damage booster vs. yellow titans and her ghost form is occasionally helpful in wars and raids (opponent AI sometimes wastes special attacks on her when she’s gone ghost, and on more than one occasion she has been my last hero left alive when I only needed one more hit to seal the deal).

As other people have stated on the forum before, the best heroes are the ones you’ve got. Sure, everybody longs for that elusive best in class 5*, but most of us probably aren’t going to get them. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect to pull them anytime soon. Better to work on the heroes you’ve got and figure out how to use them effectively. The more you understand about the game’s mechanics, the more effective you will be when you finally do pull that elusive fancy 5* you’ve been waiting so many months for.


So these 5* are basically a bad ruse to get you going when its best to simply have more 3* and a few 4* if that is what you get. You see I want to be positive as well optimistic in what I relate to my fellow players so in essence we do not go vying for top heroes but its fine to have them if you get them.

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When I started playing, my roster was mostly 2* heroes. Eventually I was able to replace them all with 3* heroes. Now I’m working on filling up my 4*. Even if I was lucky enough to pull 30 5* heroes, in all the right color combinations to fill up my 6 war teams, I can’t imagine I would be able to get most of them to 4/80 anytime soon. This game is very slow progress. You have to keep in mind that most of the regulars who post here discussing various 5* heroes and how they interact with each other, etc., they have either been playing the game for a very long time or they have spent considerable amounts of money, oftentimes both. The 5* heroes are not a ruse, but rather a luxury. Do not assume that every player in this game possesses multiple maxed 5* heroes, as some posts here might lead you to believe, the reality is that the majority of the 1.5 million or so daily players are fielding mostly 3* and 4* teams, and those heroes are relatively easy to come by once you get your training camps to level 20.

Don’t be discouraged by all this talk about “hmm not sure whether I should final ascend my second Vivica or my third Leonidas, or maybe I should work on my Guardian Owl? I only have 13 poison darts so I can’t do all 3”… LOL that is NOT the reality for most players. Even the players who have been lucky enough to pull multiple 5* heroes, rarely have enough mats to finish them. Unfortunately I do think the drop rate of rare mats has dropped a bit since I started playing, so those who started playing years ago probably managed to pick up more than you can easily get now, but that has not been proven, and leveling up multiple 4* heroes is still quite doable for even a semi-casual f2p player.


ALL of my atlantis 3s was food. Wait till you pull a 10 or 30 pull set only to see ALL feeders. And yes I feed MOST of my 4s also


All you need is Muggy Namahage and Chochin then and we can build an alliance called the “suicide specialists”.


I find this statement rather interesting…suicide specialist? In attacking or being attacked?

Oh it’s RNG… but the truth never been told unfortunately not everyone has same RNG.

Some in higher bracket of crack shiny 5* here and there, worthwhile entertainment / investment

Some in lower bracket of crack will get bitter crazy expensive food / paid for 4* duplicate from TC20 (not a favorable one)

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Oh? There is a compensative rate for 3*'s only…for real?

Even emblemed up, and I have, I find that health around 650 makes them very vulnerable to a sniper attack for example. Most good older 3* can one hit him.

That is like complaining there is more working days than holidays in a year, lol.

100 pulls. No Kage. (That’s 481 now chasing the purple barbarian)

1 Magni (New to me); 1 Poseidon (my third); 2x Sesh (3rd/4th)

Keep pulling. Devs haven’t bought their 3rd Bugatti yet.


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