Overcharged for summer special

Ok I purchased the summer special for today and was a 6.99 for the daily special and was charged 7.34. What is with the extra charge. Have never gotten that before. Myself and my wife use my credit card and we were both charged the same

is it possible to get the overcharge credited back to my account?

You weren’t overcharged. New laws have been going into effect lately. It was only a matter of time before the government stuck their nasty little hands out for online purchases. You were taxed.


Well that sucks. Looks like I’m done buying stuff

Many people have been discovering that all their online purchases through major retailers are taxed automatically now. Google Play collects the tax, so if you’re getting charged, then all your Google Play purchases will now be taxed automatically.

Most jurisdictions in the US have always required sales tax on all purchases, but have relied on people voluntarily paying the tax on internet transactions until recently.


Well this must have just happened because 2 days ago when I made a purchase it wasn’t taxed. And they should state that on the site when they make the offer. But as far as I’m concerned that’s going to stop my purchases.

It is stated. Whenever I go to make a purchase it says $x.xx + applicable tax. You can click and they’ll tell you what the tax will be.


If you’re in Wyoming or Nebraska, they started collecting July 1st 2019.

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Although, I’m sure they knew from the start that no one would ever do that. Just like you are supposed to report on your state taxes if you bought something in a state that doesn’t have sales tax so that they can tax you… no one does it(I live in Massachusetts which does have sales tax. New Hampshire is right next door, which doesn’t have sales tax. So it is very common to drive across the border to buy something expensive like a TV and avoid the sales tax. Illegal, just like not paying the sales tax on online purchases, but everyone does it. Can’t get away with buying online anymore though. This definitely isn’t SG’s or Google’s fault. They have no choice)

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I noticed it on my gem purchases a couple months ago, I think. I don’t remember exactly when it went into effect in Massachusetts.

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Well go figure I am in wy

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If you use your debit card, they double what they take from your account. If you purchase something for say 50.00, they will take 100.00. If you arent aware, it can cause your account to be overdrawn and then you get an overdraft charge. The overage is put back into your account days later, but the overdraft charge does not come off. Just a heads up.

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I check my account immediately after purchase quite often. That has never happened to me. I get charged the amount for the gems. If that happens to you, it is your bank holding extra funds until the charge clears.

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I contacted my bank and they advised me its the company, that they do not hold funds.

Holy Crap need to check my bank account NOW thanks so much for the heads up!

I’ve never heard of this before. An authorization hold is very common, but that is done by the bank, NOT the company. This has never happened to me, so I’m not really sure what is going on. If it was SG, it should happen to all of us, not just a few.
Authorization holds are very normal, but it is always the bank holding the funds…

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