Over strong counter attacks against color stacked team with dead heros

When color stacked against ancient tiger. I was running 4 blue color stacked (with wu). Entire team was down, except for Boril (who has minimal attack point power). He had about 45% health left, but was killed with a 2 tile hit. Ancient tiger lists 60% counter. The counter costs were 456 and 532 respectively. I did not catch the actual tile value (I was watching boril), but they were in the 700 to 900 range (without wu), so the counters seen look to be in the 60% range.

What is happening is the 60% counter being used against boril was NOT due to his attack, but due to the entire dead heros attack power. This simply is NOT right.

I could see this supposedly working (fairly and correctly) in a couple ways.

  1. counter attack is based upon heros attack portion of the attack. (possibly a percentage of total attack power, divided into original whole computation). So if one member had 540 attack, another had 750, then first member would take about 42% of the total counter value, the higher attack member would take 58%
  2. counter is simply a computation which is computed based upon the attacking value, but then divided by the number of heros of that color, each getting same general counter-attack portion of the value. So all heros take near equal counter based upon the total color stacked attacking

When there were the 4 color stacked heros, the counter attacks being charged were in proper relation, 100-150 type range per tile. But once other stacked heros were out, the remaining heros get charged with the ENTIRE counter value. That simply is not right. This may have little to do with being against a special titan, this may be color stacking in general. But taking damage for other already dead team mates is simply not right.

When hero dies, their attack still counts towards tile damage.


Improved damage

Yep, that sucks.


If Boril has Gambler’s Stance, War Cry, and Crit troops while tiger has maximum Valkyrie bane defense debuff and blue defense debuff, Boril will still do a huge amount of damage without a any color stack. And that huge amount of damage will still hurt Boril from the rare tiger’s counterattack ( this gets confusing quickly).

So Boril gets buffed blue matching damage from the color stack so counterattack will do more damage regardless of were the improved tile/ matching damage came from.

Personally I prefer that to dead heroes doing 1 HP damage.

Dueling counterattack’s

This also means Boril’s counterattack damage bypasses the rare tiger’s counterattack buff.

5* Battle items

5* battle items, including harpoons, are a big help versus rare titans.

Titanium shield, Invisibility potion and Hunter’s Caltrop will help against the rare tigers counterattack.

Not sure what happens to a red hero, like Boldtusk, hiding behind a Titanium shield or Invsibility potion.

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I’m guessing an invisible Boldtusk would be ignored by titans, but he’d still get affected by titans’ specials and reflected tiles.

Titanium shield + invisibility sounds a bit more complex.


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