Over powered heros

Just wondering why there isn’t any complaining about over powered frigg, ninjas and odin etc? Everyone complained about Telly and Vela. Which compared to these new heros, they were not overpowered at all and shouldn’t have been nerfed.

Then we are stuck with season 1 heros that are worthless, unless you get a costume. Which they make hard as hell, they should have been a free upgrade.

I spend money and plenty, but Zynga has gotten so bad. Who wants to spend anything anymore for a unbalanced game.

Search forum. There’s already threads on this. Plus Frigg and Odin has already gone through Round 1 Nerf.


Putting a few threads to show the lengthy discussion that these heroes generate. We’re far from saying “there isn’t any complaining”.



You’ll be spanked 90 times by the forum users for saying that no complaint was raised against those overpowered heroes. Read the forum. Search for topics. It will take you weeks and months sifting through all of them.

Enjoy reading.


Ya sorry, I looked didn’t see anything. Guess I should have searched harder


That wasn’t a nerf… refreshing at best, but definitelly couldn’t be called a nerf…

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Tend to agree, it was only a tickle

I own a Frigg at +18 and her damage potential (having some green tiles on board is necessary) is higher than my Azlar +18, which is just silly. And it is arguable that her def down is more valuable than his burn. How they could not see she was OP is a joke

I don’t want her nerfed. But realistically she should be. Odin isn’t quite as good as her in my opinion but he is still very much OP

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In all fairness, as strong as these heroes you mentioned are compared to others, none of them is as broken and as impactful to the game’s health as Telluria+Vela originally were.

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We have threads for all these discussions already linked above :blush:


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