Over 800€ invested in the game. And do not get a month's hero

Over 800€ invested in the game.
And do not get a month’s hero.
Only get 3 stars heroes and double 4 stars,
which are good to delete.
Only get 6x 5 stars, which are not the strongest.
If I invest so generously money for the game, then you should also be generously rewarded in return. How much do I have to spend to finally get a month hero?
Is in my opinion very annoying!
Request for a compensation in my account!

In the beginning of the game you get many and big rewards in bounty missions, mystical visions, heroes incantations.
Then they just want to be rewarded with a lot of money.
After that, end is with generous and fair distribution opportunities.
Then they just want to see money.
Like the casino gambling money machine.
Since the same tactic runs against the players.

That’s the truth!

Many Thanks!



Sometimes when i see this numbers i really think that i completely choose the wrong job.

May i ask if you need an apprentice?


Elpis, you need to marry a princess. That’s the easiest path to fortune for you.
Now we’re both off-topic.

What do I need an apprentice for?

Just to make sure I understand correctly: you spent about EUR800, received six (6) five star heroes, and you have decided to complain about it.

Is that right?


understood correctly.

Which 5 stars did you win?


My New Year’s Resolution is to be a nicer person. Let me try.

You pulled some really great 5* heroes. Many of the heroes you pulled are highly desirable, the sort of heroes many players lie awake at night dreaming of - the sort of heroes that champion teams are built on.

You didn’t get the hero you wanted, so you’re requesting a refund? I don’t think you’re going to get a refund.

[Edited]. Insulting other players is against Forum Rules. Play nice. :wink:



What should the insult please come to hell with ?! How can I contact you?

Who told you that lie?let me slap him/her for you.:rage:

You can contact me right here. You just did.

For EUR800 you just drew a rainbow team of 5+ heroes, and you have decided to complain. Wow.

While I would not spend that much money to draw cards, you really did get a good assortment…4 of those heroes are really good (panther, isarnia, azlar and lianna). As someone who has spent a bit of money, been playing since July and only has 2 5*s to his credit, I would be very happy with those pulls.


Mate, you really did pull some awesome heroes there, i don’t know who told you they are not good, but he/she clearly doesn’t know this game well enough to teach/inform you right.

  • Lianna for example, she is one of the best -if not the best- power single hitter green card. She alone is awesome and you should feel lucky that from so many green heroes you got her.

  • Guardian Panther as well, great 5* purple, which in combination with other 4* or 5* single hitters will improve your score versus yellow titans considerably.

  • Azlar is great on defense, can work good on events/raids as well.

  • Isarnia is awesome as well, her special will give you dominance over the enemy heroes… and if you fire her first and Azlar after, even more domination…if they are not dead already

  • Justice is a great yellow defense, but she is also good elsewhere (except titans i think) with her -x%accuracy.

Idk about richard, but by the time you would level the current ones, you’ll surely get another blue.


You almost did it up until the very end Brobb…lol


I tried my best. :innocent::innocent::innocent:


Richard is yet stronger than isarnia right?

I would level isarnia first.
She has way more damage, and has a way more better special. As i said, i don’t know very much about Richard, but i would chose her over him.


Thank you for your kind explanation!
Richard is stronger and faster at mana generation than isarnia. Will rise to Richard.
What annoys me is that after so much investment, I did not get a month’s hero!
That’s unfair!

Best regards,

You need to spend over $1000 to get what u want. You came close. Had u spent some more you would have gotten it.

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