Over 2 year player with one 56 lvl and one 35 lvl will retire

So after 2years now in this game i will quit that game after finishing my pov. In the beginning it was a great game but it gone more and more worse. Beginning with boards over summening and so on. It is just a pay to win game now. Not more not less. Sgg made out of a great game crap. I will go to a game which makes fun without spending any money. Attached from both accounts examples from both acc for the tournament. Last 10 tournaments always the same. 4 loses on day 2. Cause they want that you give out Money. Thats really not acceptable any more. Have fun and stay healthy.

Why wait until after POV to leave?

If I were you I’d leave today.

Please promise you’ll write us when you get to the new game, so we know you’re ok.


I do find it somewhat surprising how often i lose 4 on tuesday.

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Funny cause I decided quite the opposite. To stop summoning because I have TOO MANY heros waiting in the line. In next 4-5 months I want to build that army and see how well I can use it. And most importantly - to enjoy the game features other than just winning raids and scoring the shiniest hero available. Guess people often forget the joy part of the game when they start running for the top - and they usually fail.


See ya

20 waves goodbye

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Well sucks about your frustration

I’d suggest a short break and see if it helps, maybe come back with a clear head and have more success in the game and able to have fun with it again

Anyways if it’s a permanent break, best of luck in your new game


I just ate a ham sandwich. Hmmm. Funny word sandwich. Oh look a cat!


Me playing around 30 months.
Deleted two account mail I’d. Lvl 46 and lvl 35.
Not enough time to play them.
Me continue my lvl 61. Not to get supreme power, just to kill the time.
Rt raids, if I lose, I will gem it if it’s worth at that moment. Otherwise letting it go and waits for the next one. Who cares if I win or lose. It’s a game, play it like game then we all won’t get any frustration.
Anyways, GL to you if you decided to leave. Be safe and Tkcre. :blush:

From your scores, it shows you were not even fighting heavily emblemed teams yet , when compared to average score of like 630+…

Anyway, with your years of play, when you start losing out that way…a short or long break should be good for you as already suggested.

But if you choose to quit anyway, Good luck in your endeavors!

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Yeah they were not a Challenge at all normally but 4 times no hero activ. Its peogrammed by them . By the way the matches i lost the opponent team was 400-800 under my ts … The greatest joke in raid today lost with a ts 4100 team against a team of 3300…

As Rigs suggested, maybe take a break? Also, these tourneys have special rules that force you to play differently. This can be a learning experience.
But, ultimately, this post just cries out for attention. If you’re not having fun. Stop playing. Bye

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Still waiting for that game. Please when you find it…holla


Sometimes, if you focus on team powers you may miss the team’s synergy and then tend to under rate the teams strength…

Needless to say that the synergy within the team most times emphasizes the team’s strength more than the TP…so if you don’t choose your team with the strategy to dismantle the enemies synergy, you may end up losing regardless of your high TP team.

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Show 2 year acct hero roster?

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