Over 160 summons still no hero of the month no 5*


Made over 160 summons no hero of the month no 5 … Not that I need them so much as I’ve got almost all 5 but i guess it’s not a bad luck, now it looks like a bug to me or it was made deliberately by means of programming… What happened with this game?


So where did you get the 5*'s from then?


Wow. Sounds like a record. Has anyone gone longer than Pennyroyal with no HOTM/5*?


I reckon I had 190 with no HOTM going after Musashi (Thats 19 10 pulls) with 50,000, then I pulled him with the remaining spare change from a single. I have to say I nearly rage quit after that :smiley:


I have the feeling that for HotM there are some days better then others.
I mean, if you know that some people get the HotM today… Today is a good day to try.

If the day is wrong, even 200 pulls can lead you to nothing.


Classic example of the way simple statistics leads to conspiracy theory.


Hey! I like my tinfoil hat!! :wink:


The NSA thinks it’s groovy too…:eyeglasses:


I wasnt wearing my tinfoil hat so the space beams made me do it