Outcasts have open spots

A little about us:
20 players mostly very experienced in the game, we are a mix of F2P, C2P and P2W, regularly taking down 11-12* titans.

We participate in wars and expect titan flags to be used if we are going for a kill.

We are a friendly and helpful bunch looking for players with around a 4200+ def team, and 3-6 war teams. We’re a gaming family from all over the world!

We’re looking for players ideally who will communicate, and want to learn how to improve in the game overall, from titans to events to wars :slight_smile: We have a couple of beta players, leaders that finish in top 10 in challenge events. A great place to learn and grow in the game. If you’re interested contact us on Line ID Vindi3s3l or reply to message here :slight_smile:

Bump 1 :slight_smile:

A great group for anyone looking to grow in the game

2nd bump, we’re an active alliance with 10 open spots, looking for players that want to kill Titans, win wars and grow in the game :slight_smile:

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