Out of tournament?

Hello everyone I just lost my 4th raid and am out as I’ve always :honeybee: working on 4* and 5" my 3* team only is 1800 so no wonder but even if it was stronger !!!
In the beginning on events I considered paying the 75 gems on stage 10 cause tier completion reward was worth it but !!!
With the reduced loot from the raid tournament is there anyone who also thinks it’s not worth the money ? I even if my team was stronger loot not worth the gems !!!


I am in the same boat. But have only lost 2 times so far. ~2200 team power. I’ve actually worked on some 3* for the rare portion of the event to get the emblems.

The reduced loot is temporary. Invest something on your 3* team, but with no rush, there’s no need for that. Slowly you’ll assemble a nice 3* team, because is easy and quick to max them.


Not worth the gems imho. Especially with the reduced loot. I would work on your teams and maybe when they get the bugs worked out and better loot restored, it could be……

I didn’t get much time to try it in beta before it rolled out, but it seemed if you lost in the first day or two, it was impossible to make it into any of the better tiers.


Btw 75 gems were only worth it for epic and legendary tier completion loot !!! That was when I not yet a complete set of maxed 4 and 5*
By now I had no issues just bulldozed through :wink: !!! With just minor healing and a few antidotes

I believe there’s a difference, because beta has an universe of (hundreds?), while now we’re talking about hundreds of thousands. Probably losing one or two in the first day could still put you at least in 1-5%.

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But I agree, not worth paying the gems.


Even if the loot was the same as last time, the gems to reset your attacks wouldn’t be worth it, because you can’t make it in better loot tiers anyways.

Your defense team can still be attacked, so just pray to RNGesus that it wins and gives you a good defense grade.

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Wait…spend gems on a broken, flawed, not working tournament that has turned into a lottery???
NOT a chance.

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1 more down… 1 million to go until the top loot is mine. Mwuahahahaha, alllll miiiiinnnnnne!

Who else is out?? Teeheehee!


Not a fan of the setup. 2310 team no emblems and everyone I face was between 2216-2673. I couldn’t color stack much as I don’t have a deep 3* lineup. My 4* lineup is considerably better. I definitely don’t like allowing the weak defense teams. Maybe a setup were you can only use an offense team that is within say 500 TP. I’m sure many faced easy opponents, I wasn’t one of them. The defense attacks for me are 1 each day and losses.


I like the challenge. Be the top, beat the top.

Though, only team I lost to had lower TP than me. Rest were emblemed up.

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That is not whats happening. You don’t beat the top to be the top. We are all getting random points for who we face… if you are luck you get enough points to be in the top, if not people who go 20/20 will rank below people who went 18/20 and 19/20.

Its a lottery not a tournament

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I mean… you still have to win against who they match you against, though… right?

yes but when you get a random amount of points for the win meanwhile someone else is winning and randomly getting more points …that is a lottery not a tournament


You’re trying to match fairness at the level of, let’s match people based on the idea of same height in a system that more closely resembles that of matching people based on DNA.

Twenty Greendale Human Beings.

So you are the one who put all those emblems into 3* team ?
What did you do reset the other to harvest emblems for the event ?

No, but if I did I would be within my right to do so. As would you.



I think I went against you or a similar lineup… luckily lady luck was on my side…
I won 1 game today with one hero surviving with 13 health remaining.

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Hell yea !! But my emblems are staying in my top hero’s !!

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