Out of Tournament because of bad boards

It’s a Pity already out of the tournament because of bad (starting boards). Opponents of equal strength but no chance to win because I could not make combi’s of more than 3 the first 6,7 turns alle in the middle against Boril and then your team is already half lost.


I had terrible boards too. Opponents were stronger than me, with lots of colour stacked defenses.

I used mono a couple of times but boards were against me this tourney.

What does E&P say about it. In the tournament where you complete with other players you expect to get a fair chance and IT shouldn’t be the game who decides to win.


Feels that way sometimes doesn’t it! I had three losses in first two days, and at least two should have been wins if the board had been remotely friendly

But, it is a game based on randomness, so it is what it is. I am at ease with it and enjoy it all anyway


Had two losses to terrible boards yesterday. Made up for it with five wins today (only one of which was a terrible board).

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You’re not losing 4/10 due solely to bad boards unless you’re running mono.


When you play against a team more or less equal value you have a less chance of winning against it just because the way the game plays even before you make the first move. The defending team has a huge advantage that can only be beaten with a good board.

In simple terms if after 5 or 6 turns you have not been able to kill one enemy (usually the tank) or maxed out mana of one or more of your heroes, I would say with 90% certainty that you will lose the game.

Of course if you are playing against an inferior team then your chances of winning are higher as they dont do as much damage which gives you more time.

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The attacking team is the one with the huge advantage actually


How so?
When that ai after 3 or 4 hits can launch their special attack? How so when the Ai can target the hero and have several hits into one single hero?

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Well. For starters you get to choose which heroes you bring to attack, that hopefully counter those in the defending team. Colour/special/role.
You also get choose when to use your specials, as opposed to the AI that uses them left to right, as soon as they’re ready, and you choose which hero to use them on. Whereas the AI will pick sub-optimal targets as often as not (probably more often than not) and misuse buffs/debuffs/dispels.

You can also ghost tiles, once you’ve made a hole.

You don’t see these things as advantages?


You don,t have anything to choose when after 6,7 turns you still have no hero with full mana

Obviously, if you have a truly bad board with bad fill-in tiles, you’re going to lose. But that doesn’t mean that the defense has the advantage. It just means that sometimes that intrinsic attacker advantage isn’t enough to overcome bad luck.


I am out of the tournament because I lost 4 times…

3 Times in a row bad boards is annoying

It totally is annoying. I completely agree. I had 3 bad boards in a row earlier today against @Expired, and it was super annoying.

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Yes, the tournament is harsh with bad boards. So is war and getting a seemingly unavoidable cascade of green tiles against a santa tank. Been there done that.

But how often do you see someone acknowledge that they won a war attack or a tournament attack because they got a good board? It’s like we expect the board to be in our favour, and if it’s neutral or not good then it’s cause for complaint. And like no one ever makes a mistake, or misses an opportunity.

So, a few insurmountable boards and you’re out. But think of it differently, not everyone is intended to make it to the last day. The herd is being thinned, one day at a time. And likewise, do you not consider that some of the people still attacking on day 4 deserve to be there because they managed to work with what they got and overcome the bad luck? The top 1% aren’t going to just be people that got magically good boards 20x.

As an aside, I felt the board dependence more so in the 3* tournaments where it felt like the result was decided with the first couple of moves. I got knocked out really early last time. This tournament has given more room for recovery. I’ve lost 2 attacks (horribly) now, but I’ve also come back from what I thought would be certain defeat a couple of times.

Edit: I realise I’m coming probably across as unsympathetic, but it may also be that I’m just more used to losing, and more accepting of those outcomes :wink:


One of the oddest RNG boards I have after playing so long.

The moment the board started, I had zero legal moves twice and the board reset for the 3rd time and with a multitude of cascades and killed the Boril tank. Why is it odd is because I haven’t made a single move at all.

RNG boards can make you happy and sad at the same time.


My team is strong because I have relatively strong troops. In raids I generally beat teams with higher teamforce. I am convinced my team is well balanced. After a few turns bad boards turn in to good ones. But three Times in a row this bad can’t randomly hardly be explained. I noticed before that when I had no suitable blue hero over 50% of the starting boards had a majority of blue tiles. Now I don’t play without Yellow hero IT is the same . There is nothing random about it. I never complained before because I voluntarily take the risk. And probably because I finished top1% last tournament I am Just not allowed to go on.

I had bad boards on Day 1, at least twice (both lost). But days 2-3 I have had a combination of good to neutral boards an managed to win everything. One or two of those might have been a “bad board” where I managed to survive just long enough to turn it around. I haven’t had the dreaded Colen tank with all unmatching tiles underneath him in this tournament yet.

I’ve been doing all of these 3-2. Don’t have the depth to mono-color anyway, and with the four-strikes-you’re-out, it is particularly unforgiving for mono-colorers who get an unfavorable board.


Well I run 2-2-1 (with the exception of Guin) because that’s what I run in war too.
Mono seems way to risky for this type of tournament, but I’m pretty sure if someone knows what they’re doing enough to risk mono and gets knocked out early they’re not going to complain about it. Right? :smile:

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