Out of the normal 5*s

Out of the normal 5*s of each color, which would you happily ascend, which would you ascend if you got them, and which would you blow off while hoping for another?

A reminder of who they are:
Red: Azlar, Marjana, Khagan, and Elena
Blue: Isarnia, Thorne, Magni, and Richard
Green: Elkanen, Kadilen, Liana, and Horghall
Yellow: Vivica, Justice, Joon, and Leonidas
Purple: Sartana, Domitria, Quintus, Obaken

Red Marjana
Green Lianna
Yellow Joon, Vivica
Purple Sartana, Obakan
Blue isarnia, Magni

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I would agree with the above. But I have heard good things about a maxed Quintus as well.

Azlar is a possibility as well. He is a tank and a pain to raid against.

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I generally agree with that list but would also add Leonidas (his last buff made him much more potent, at least on defense) and Domitia (not a hard-hitter like Sartana, but she’s one of the few 5* that can dispel).

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High priority / if I had no one else / nope.

Marjana / Azlar, Elena / Khagan
Magni, Isarnia, / Richard / Thorne
Lianna / not one of the rest
Joon, Viv / Leo and Justice I would if I had no one else
Sartana. Domitia / no to quintus. Not sure about Obakan if I were a newer player, but having the first two maxed already, if I got him now I would save tabards for HOTM/event heroes

I had dropped Khagan and Elena, they are still at 1.01 (I were waiting for Azlar).
Now I’m training Gravemaker :slight_smile:

Marjana is good but there are so many other 5 :star: snipers that my rings could have been “wasted” on her.

I have 0 of them, need a good tank and/or a defense buffer: Magni or Richard

I’ve Lianna and right now Id ascend only her.

I only lack Justice, I’ve a Vivica at 3.70 but I’m rushing Joon to 4.80 'cause he have to avenge all the
“first Bane” that get eated.

I only have Obakan, if I’ll not draw Panther or Sartana next month I’ll ascend him.

I agree with this post.