Out of the Forum

Well, that was short lived.

Because of the large amount of information I had found from in these pages, mostly early reverse-engineering attempts, I had hoped to join and be of some use around here. Pay it back, to the community if not to the exact people who helped me out.

I don’t feel like there is much that I want to contribute here.

This thing with the “doubling” of Emblem rewards today, it made me think… why do we as a community have to work so hard to get useful, but basic, game rules out? For instance, why are the loot rolls published in-game for Tournaments, but not for Titans? Why did we have to figure out that there was a defence bonus? Why do we have to figure out what the TC odds are, and why don’t the descriptions always match the actual output?

In a nutshell: why do we have to wrestle with SGG for certain kinds of information at all? I’m not talking some grand conspiracy where “dey just wants our moneyz”. I’m talking about about basic information that’s just really shoddily served up, and very patchwork.

I love the data and the stats and working things out like where the best Recruit farming is. Second- or third-order analysis like that is fun to me. But the basic rules, first-order information, should be right there, and it just isn’t all the time. And I’m tired of helping provide explanations about this stuff for free. The company makes all kinds of money, and I pay them. I don’t owe SGG anything.

Today’s issue over the Emblems really underlines SGG’s poor information handling. I’m not interested in being one of their free fix-it guys.

As far as the people I’ve met here, it’s been fun, and I wish you well. The vast majority of you rock.

When my VIP runs out at the end of the month, I’ll probably stop playing; perhaps even sooner. It’s not that the game is bad or unfair or anything. I just don’t have any faith in what SGG tells me, and that makes contributing to their little empire substantially less fun. And fun is the point.


Sorry to see you leave the forum. That’s both sad and bad for the community.
However I completely understand how you feel.
The recent poor communication from SG does build confusion and uncertainty and with that players boil over and the forum gets toxic, again and again and again.
It’s really made me feel like jacking in the forum too …


Do you find other games spell out every single little thing for its user base?

I remember playing Nintendo (original) or PlayStation games for hours, trying to figure out all these intricacies myself. Sure, there was an instruction book that came with the game - but damn if that thing provided only the basics and nothing more. How many times did I need to hit Bowser? How about the turtle shell business? How do I sneak around in a box in Metal Gear Solid to get past the cameras? Etc etc. Then I realized I could spend money for a sweet illustrated guide book, that gave me all that information…

All this to say - why should this game provide every single piece of information to its players? That’s rarely the norm for other games - what makes it different for this one, especially this one being free-to-play?

Anyways, wish you the best if you do leave!


Fully agree.

Communication between SGG and players has a very big potential to be improved.
Odds for loot like in the tournament or for summoning should shown in :information_source: boxes for far more aspects.
The 20% buffs for defenders should be visible.
A direct visible influence of the troops assigned to my heroes in teams also.

Sad to read that you leave, wish you the best! :vulcan_salute:

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well sucks to see ya go

but to answer some of this:

some of that was mistakes on the devs end but not all of it.

a lot of the “figuring out” done by players is what has created the community. if it wasn’t for devs leaving some of those things undisclosed and letting players figure them out amongst themselves, the forum wouldn’t be as popular and would have never been more than a simple place for “b**** sessions” and alliance recruitment

the more information players had to figure out themselves, the more they communicated with each other and formed relationships/bonds that have driven this big bus of money. how many players in the game stay for their teammates or the “community” or whatever. a lot of those players got to know those players they’re attached to by asking questions and getting answers from other players.

as far as raid tourney and titan loot question, it’s purely theory but considering how much devs like implementing same/similar systems over and over, along with some of the titan loot trackings that have been done here on forum, i suspect the tourney system & titan system are 1 of the same with some slight changes. believe they were closer in the beginning than after the changes to the tourney reward system

anyways hope that clears a few things up

as far as the recent update error, SG does have a bit of history with that

big difference between lack of info and misinforming

players are surprisingly a bit more tolerant to lack of info than they are to feeling misinformed and hopefully SG can improve on those situations with more transparent communication


Well that’s just sad @LordDust :sob:.
As for your contributions… I’ve really enjoyed reading your clever poems - there are not many who do that with such ease.

I do hope you stick around… :crossed_fingers:


Honestly, I don’t get the source of your frustration. Same happened with couple of other similar announcements I’ve read lately. I might be a super chilled person. :joy:


Sorry to see you go @LordDust. I’ve enjoyed your posts.

Maybe it helps that I am a cynic by inclination. I don’t expect much, so I am rarely disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Best to you, wherever you may roam

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Alas. You made a splash while you were here, and you will be missed.


The fourm is a good place its not all toxic as @rigs said it helps bring people together there is far more positive than negative depending on what you want to read. Alot for a while has been the same and it’s not a good as when I first joined. Guess why. The fourm is to help people like buying a magazine back in the day you find out stuff about games that @Dan7 said.
Other information that @BarryWuzHere and his crew do to help us to farm the right places.
I do like sgg staff not over seeing the forum as much as it least gives us as players a platform to say what ever being to the rules.
Also @PapaHeavy holla me back :slight_smile:


There is a certain amount of shield you need to apply to absorb a lot of things.

Ironically it has been recent changes in Call of Duty that cracked me recently. They are as similar, there’s rarely any indication of changes and when they release new stuff the community finds the things that are wrong…and exploits it to the point you want to throw the PC out the window.

So you’d think I’d get as annoyed with this game. But oddly I tend not to.

I can’t explain it, clearly I’ve spent more on E&P than any other game but I just seem better insulated to it.

We need witty and fun folk on the forum. The more we lose the more the haters invade and spread there nonsense around.

But everyone has a limit and if yours is broke then I get it. I rage uninstalled CoD yesterday.

Took 7 hours to download it again today once I’d calmed down again :joy:


I’d hate to see you go. Reasonable/logical/amusing discussions in this forum are too few and far between to lose someone who can bring all 3 to the table. So sorry, not sorry, not going to like your post

I tried to tie it all in with a pig meme, but unfathomably the internet is not full of pig memes to match every occassion. So this will have to do.

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I understand and agree completely.

Before I joined the forum, I got all of my information from fellow alliance members.

A lot of it, as it turned out, was bad information.

Came here and learned the truth, and complained about it, only to be told “it’s clearly stated”.

It is not clearly stated.

In fact? Very early on when you first start playing, the game tutorial actually forces you to make bad decisions on purpose.

“Oh geez, here we go again… WTF are you talking about, TGW?”

Well maybe for starters, when the game “teaches” you how to level up heroes by forcing you to feed off color heroes, without telling you that you get extra level xp by leveling on color.

Or when it “teaches” you about matching tiles, and it forces you to make some arguably bad tile matches.

Or when it “teaches” you about using battle items or special skills by telling you to waste a healing potion or skill on a hero that just took 2 points of damage.


Or it tells you to throw red tiles at a blue monster.

Or it tells you to use a sniper’s special on a monster that is already nearly dead.

Etc. etc.

The game “teaches” bad habits early on and then they expect us to learn the rest as we go.

Don’t believe me? Start a new account for yourselves. Go through the tutorial. Count the number of stupid mistakes the game literally forces you to make.

Then wonder why there are so many clueless people in the game, and why you end up having to retrain alliance mates to rid them of their bad habits. Because the game itself encourages bad habits from the start.

But I digress.

I’m sure it’s too late to convince you to stay. And, well, as you’ve probably already figured out, it’s a pointless and thankless waste of time anyway. So I shall instead just offer you my best wishes and good luck etc. etc. May you find happiness and such somewhere in this crazy backwards world we’re living in today. :+1:

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