Out of the Ashes (OOTA) is looking to expand its roster

We are an alliance composed of members from a vast amount of timezones.
Ranging from USA, AUS, NZ and multiple EU-countries. Chat will never be empty.

We’re currently looking to expand to around the 27-28 member-mark, and also to improve from our usual 7* titan-kills, and occasional 8*.
And keep improving our war results.

If you join we ask the following of you:

  • You read the noticeboard at least once a day.
  • You opt in/out of war (as it suits your schedule), and follow the strategies surrounding that.
  • You remember that the real world is more important than this game.
  • You wanna build your war-team, and improve alongside the alliance.
  • Have 1800+ trophies.

Search ‘OOTA’ and we’ll come up, and welcome you to an active alliance.

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Bump for visibility. Still looking for active members to join ‘OOTA’.

‘OOTA’ is still looking to expand.