Out of storage and other annoying messages

Hi, speaking about quality of life, maybe it’s time to stop flushing advertisement pop-ups on a player so much? Everytime I see 2 or more ads in a row, I am feeling like that dude from Hercules cartoon “I know, I got it, head starts to burn I GOT YOUR MESSAGE”.

And now it’s even worse, out of storage messages here again! Do you realy think that 1+ year players need it?

Please, do something about it, care and annoyance are different things.

What exactly is your problem and do you have any suggestions to vote for?

Hopefully you’ll have no further problems…

What exactly is the issue here?

Are you experiencing out of storage alerts? This would be related to your device.

Then you mentioned ads, although we do have occasional in game offers and apart from mystic vision, not sure this game permits any third party ads on the game interface. So what is the issue regarding ads?
Not sure you should put this up for vote, perhaps, you should post in the general community category with clearer explanation.

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I am presuming he is referring to the pop-up ads for in-game special offers, since Mystic Vision ads are entirely voluntary. Yeah they’re annoying. I just click past them and they’re gone for a day.

I would be interested in any constructive ideas about them.

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It was suggested once that a simple “Don’t show again” checkbox would be the best option to “fix” this. All offers have the icon/widget displayed on the screen anyway, no need of those annoying pop ups. If someone wants to buy the offer, it’s right there at the edge of the screen.

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Oh the pop up offers? Well, I run the game on IOS, so I wouldn’t know how it is on Droids?

But the pop ups only come up when I logged in and as said, only need to click pass and it stays off, I wouldn’t find that annoying.

Imo, it will only become annoying, if it pops up on its own randomly while on the game.

The Out of Storage thing he’s talking about is this. Comes up anytime you farm and have at least one resource full. Its annoying for a player like me who almost always has one full.

I would love to see an opt-out option on it


Oh, this is a system info, not pop up ad then, would it then be pertinent to opt out of system info? It’s like saying don’t alert when the training is completed, neither alert when a new Titan has arrived etc.

Well, I bet all your storage barns are at level 20, if not there my be need to level them all up to reduce that? However, the current upgrade would put some heavy demand on resources that might limit that.

Alternatively, what I do is use TC20 to store my excess hams and at the same time storing recruits, forge 20 to store excess irons by putting production on long queues., this will enable you to empty your storage often , hence get less of that alert.

Thanks for understanding. There are two choices now. First one is to imagine were to spend extra ore (it’s much easier with ham, and happens not that often). Second - to witness this glorious pop-up after every location run.

Yes, yes! Simple checkbox would be ok.

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