Out of luck


Yep. For raids, I usually run 2-2-1 or 3-2. For titans, either 3-1-1 or 4-1. Events usually 3-2, and for farming, I use the rainbow team I am currently leveling.


I used this table recently and felt sorry for the titan I slayed (placed on top of the team standings and broke our then streak of two escaped titans too). :smiley: Now I’m ganging up reds on an emerald dragon and even if my two additional nashgar and BT are completely new, I can still see a lot of difference. Boards usually start out ugly for my titan battles but get way better in the middle, so I’m quite pleased that the strategy is going well for me. :slight_smile:
If only there was a gem sharing function to compensate you guys for all the number crunching and the research you do for us newbies, I would have given enough for at least one good summon. :slight_smile: Until then, thanks so much guys! :wink: @NPNKY @Kerridoc

Also, just pulled out some duds on the atlantis summon (2 Kailanis, 1 Dawa, 1 Renfeld). :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m kind of happy to also pull some nice 3* exclusives (1 Mnesseus and 1 Gill-Ra). After pulling 1 Karil and 1 Ulmer on the ice event, I think I’m looking good on the 3* teams so far. It just seems that it’s so hard to get any more good greens after I pulled Kadilen and Horghall successively a few weeks back. How’s your luck?


I agree, I’m glad to get mostly healers at this early stage too. :slight_smile:


1 month and git Boldtusk, Rigard and kiril.
You have great luck dude.
I am here since july 2017 and still don’t have Buldtusk at all rofl!


I was getting concerned because I’ve pulled four 4* healers and only one 4* hitter. Then all of my other 4* and 5* heroes give splash damage only. But I kept reading posts here and kept using Kiril and BT, then I realized I’m way luckier than I thought (I wasn’t even unfortunate to draw Kashhrek, the only bad 4* healer I think). Though I’m still concerned about drawing hitters, I feel bad about feeling bad especially since I even got a second BT recently. :smiley:

And seriously, since July 2017?? That’s crazy man… :open_mouth: I really wish you will pull one soon. If I can just give mine I would, honestly (then maybe I can get a Caedmon in return? I sure wish there was a swap option haha). But let’s keep trying for the heroes we want and I’m sure we’ll get luckier eventually :wink:


Get your training camps leveled up and running constantly and the 4* and 5* will come.


Kashhrek is great tank my friend.
His special heals and give deffense aginest reds so its sorta hard for 4☆ reds to kill him in rainbow teams. But as any other tank, if you stack 3 colors vs him… will die for sure.
But for me I am using Kashhrek as tank right now :slight_smile:


I agree now. Just checked him again, and what a heal percentage :hushed: I guess I was wrong about him. :sweat_smile: 45% is a lot I imagine. Anything on top of that is just amazing.


Two stacked reds + debuffer (Caedmon, Sonya or Sabina) are usually enough to take down Kasshrek. Of course there are boards with no red tiles but they are rare.


Just got very lucky on my last two summons. I got Grimm, Little John, and Khiona:

I wasn’t so lucky on the materials chest (only one rare item, a sturdy shield), but I’m very happy with my luck for the month so far. I might stop being P2W until there are some really good deals, since now I have enough to build two solid 4* and 5* teams, and several solid 3* teams. :slight_smile:

Now I’m looking for a good alliance to join, one which hopefully has some active members. :sweat_smile: Hopefully I’ll be ready to take on your teams eventually. :slight_smile:


Then I recommend you to join the Line group of recruitment and @hondohardin can add you there to find a good home for you.


Thank you for the recommendation. :slight_smile: I’ve been lucky enough to find a good, active alliance that takes down 7 to 9* titans and fights other intense alliances (Arklife). I’ve never been happier to see myself in the low ranks of a team, which means Im in the company of really good players. :slight_smile:

For the most part, it’s been very motivating. But I’m also starting to feel some fatigue and desperation when I realize that I have a lot of improving to do, but less time now that Im in an alliance that keeps hitting hard targets on a fast pace. :sweat_smile: I’m still happily playing, but the moments of defeat are more often now and those times make me feel so frustrated about the game. :sweat_smile::frowning:


It’s been a few weeks, and this is what Ive been working on now:

I dont know if Im making the right choices all the time, because quite often I decide to grow some heroes to respond to situations (aw, challenge event, etc). Im really trying hard to stick to your advice @Kerridoc especially since I have the pieces that you wished for me (woohoo), but it’s getting harder to manage the need to train heroes (and the recruits, backpacks necessary) with the challenge and farming events. :sweat_smile:

Not to mention, the impossibility of getting ascension materials :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hello, again, @chippy. Your team is coming together nicely! Discipline and hard work can pay off.

I’m quoting myself here just so I can refresh my last round of thinking:

Good call to get Tibertus up; he gives some much-needed firepower. Boldtusk, Li Xiu and Kiril are coming along nicely. Keep pushing them to 3/60 at least, ascend them when you get the mats.

When you’ve got Tibby done or are stuck for mats, I’d top up Balthazzar just so you’ve got another completed hero. He’s very good for a 3*. Then i’d shift to Rigard unless you have 5+ tabards, in which case I’d shift to Khiona. Khiona’s a good hero but not so good that she’s worth parking at 3/70.

Yellow remains a problem. Push Li Xiu as far as you can. A second Bane would be useful in wars. Hu Tao is pretty far down my list, particularly if you’re stuck for ascension mats.

After Kiril gets done/stuck, Grimm is a clear priority. I’m working on Grimm#3 currently. Always nice to have one available for wars and stacks of them for events (like Grimforest, where many blues is a good strategy).

You’ve acquired two new green 4*s, both solid. Consider abandoning your work on Kadilen and shifting to Caedmon. He’s such a solid striker with a valuable debuff skill that you are lacking.

Once you’ve finished Boldtusk, you don’t have a lot of other projects. I’d finish off that 3/29 Nashgar for wars and events, then maybe work on Hawkmoon for a 3* healer. Namahage also hits hard for a 3*. That other Boldtusk might be another choice, depending on your ascension mat status.

Hope that helps!


As always, most helpful! Thank you so much for always taking your time to help us newbies @Kerridoc! :raised_hands:

I’ve been getting so much goodness from Tibby, that he’s actually the main weapon of the team now. Bane is still there as a hitter but I was only holding out until it would be okay to use Li Xiu with another splash weapon in Kadilen. My plan was to swap kiril with Grimm so I’ll have two focused hitters (who are also somehow splash, ■■■■ these ramming pulverizers are good!) working with the two grenades. :smile: I was thinking Id just swap Kiril with Li Xiu or Kadilen if need be, then maybe grow the second BT if double reds would be better (I guess I got used to two healers). But all of that changed very recently when I finally got a Caedmon (I tested my luck on the event summons, and even if I didnt get the features, I did get the guy we’ve always wished I had). :sweat_smile:

Now I will definitely grow Caedmon and place Kadilen on hold. And I totally agree, that skill of his is quite amazing. I was actually considering growing Mnesseus for that same effect, but now I got the original and things are looking promising. :slight_smile: It’s all the more satisfying to think that the roster is coming along almost exactly how we hoped it would. :raised_hands:

I’ll definitely follow that advice for purple, and thanks for clearing that up for me. I was wondering if Rigard is a good investment because it just seems to always be worth growing the 4* first. Because of this I was almost comfortable leaving Balthazar as he is, but now I have the second opinion that I need. As for Khiona, I actually do have some luck with tabards (3 so far) and if that keeps up, she will be another piece to my future legendary team (maybe even the main weapon). :slight_smile:

I really haven’t had much luck with yellow, and that’s also because I haven’t tried pulling any in a while (after three kailanis and two dawas in the Atlantis event, I felt I had my fill, haha). I also calculated that it will be very tricky to get Chao (the only 4* yellow that we hope to get for me), and that all the others are really lame. I fully agree with your preference for Li Xiu though, especially since mine is quite eager to take her spot (she maxed out at 8/8 even before her second ascension, which is another aspect of the game that I’m thankfully lucky with). And she is definitely way better than Hu Tao, who I face frequently and beat almost every time. I will, as you’ve said, do with what I have on yellow for now, until maybe I have enough to do several summons.

And let me go back to Grimm now, haha I agree! He’s just superb, like Valen after spending years in training and then selling his soul to the devil. :smile: I find myself alternating training him and Kiril just because I’m so excited to let him loose. I’ll just work Kiril til he’s stuck and then get my Grimm on. :smile: As to my blue lineup, do you think I should let off one of them, since I have seven now? I’m wondering if I should pick between Ulmer and Graymane and if I should, I’m leaning towards the latter.

And yes! Haha I was at just two good greens before with Kadilen and Horghall but now I have so many. :sweat_smile: I’m leaning towards growing Mnesseus after Caedmon, would that be better? I actually like Little John too, since I got used to green being a splash damage source, but Mnesseus just seems so cool. Finally for green, should I choose between Carver and Friar Tuck now that I have seven greens? They’re both good but I feel like I can do without one.

I agree with red too, I’ve been neglecting my Nashgar and I will top him up soon as BT (who is my first choice for full ascension once I finally get my first compass) is done. Should I then get my second BT to 3.60 at least? I also really like Namahage, very much. :sweat_smile: He just seems so cool as a hitter, but I agree that Hawkmoon might be the better choice after Nashgar.

I won’t bug you about all the others now, because you’ve already helped so much and I have what I need to focus on for the next few months. :sweat_smile: Thank you so much for all the help, and sorry for taking up your time! :sweat_smile: You’re all-time man! :raised_hands:


After some pulls and tc13 trainings, my roster is now quite packed compared to when I made this post. :sweat_smile:

@Kerridoc I know Im bothering you enough already but I really hope I can get some wisdom from you on this roster now. Green suddenly overtook all colors with ten rather good heroes, and yellow seems to have made up for its slow pace with Leo (although I also read a comment you made on another post where you gave Li Xiu the nod over him). Blue is also overmanned, and Im quite torn between growing my second BT and the really cool Namahage. Im also wondering if it would be good to thin out my purple by feeding the second renfeld and the oberon to Khiona, and the kailani and dawa to Li Xiu. :frowning:

I know you’re busy helping a lot of other people and Id understand if you wont be able to respond to this. But thank you either way! :slight_smile:


Keep and level the following trainable 3*:

Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Green: Brienne, Berden, Belith
Blue: Gunnar, Valen, Ulmer
Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju
Purple: Balthazar x2, Tyrum

Also keep and level any Atlantis or Event 3*

For 4* and 5*, I would keep at least one copy of each hero. You never know when SG will give one a buff. As far as which to level, I would refer you to @Anchor’s guide to hero grades. Level all your A and A+ heroes. Level B heroes if you don’t have an A in that color


Thanks @NPNKY! :slight_smile: I’ll keep that list in mind. I’ve also been reading the grading list for a while now and it’s nice to see that they’ve updated it with the atlantis heroes. If I can bother you with another question, what do you think of Leonidas?


I have him at 2/60 on my alt, but I probably won’t take him any further unless I don’t get anyone better from my TC.


Yeah, I’m not too keen on growing him to even tier 3 either. I guess I should just be happy I have a yellow 5* for events. Also, I just pulled an Aegir (woohoo) so now I’m just waiting for the red hotm in november (head it from a beta player) to pull from red elemental summons and hopefully complete that team. :sweat_smile:

Roster’s still a bit full now, but I will probably thin it out by eating the following: 3 Renfelds, Oberon, 2 Graymanes, Carver (who I grew to lvl5 but still feel like I have to let go of), and -maybe- Kailani and Jahangir. Sorry for the trouble but I hope you can weigh in on this for me. :sweat_smile: