Out of luck

I’ve only been playing for about a month, and I’ve probably spent about $40 on the game, so I guess I’m not doing so bad. But I just used up 600 gems on elemental summons and pulled the same two red heroes I already have :sob: I probably shouldn’t have tried for it because Iooking for a solid green 4* 3* and blue 3* anyway, but I just thought I’d post about how I pulled the same heroes I already have on my roster :sweat_smile:

I just feel bad about my luck, although I’m not sure if I should :smile:

Look at it this way: Your Boldtusk and Nashgar haven’t reached their max levels yet. Just feed those duplicates to them and level them up.

You have a lot of extra heroes (I would love to have at least one extra Bane to level up my own). Have you considered feeding those Banes to either Dawa, Gan Ju, Li Xiu, or Hu Tao (assuming your level 50 Bane is already at his max power level for Harmonic Slam)?

Also, you have 3 extra Hous and Nashes. Have you considered consolidating them into one Hou and Nash and free up some space on your roster?

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You have the bones of a solid team here. Your draws have been the opposite of my alt’s: you have great healers but are lacking offense.

Boldtusk, Kiril and Rigard are all long-term, valuable heroes. I’d train those up using you red, blue and purple feeders, respectively.

Yellow should go to Li Xiu. A clear notch above Hu Tao. Chao would have been a better draw, but one does with what one has.

green is a challenge because you have two 5* but no 4*. 5* heroes are so costly to ascend! I’ve got a slight preference for Horghall, but since your Kadilen is further along, I’d keep going with her.

What your team lacks is directed firepower. A sniper or two, like Caedmon or Chao, plus a couple of the Pulverizer trio (Grimm, Tibertus, Gormek) wouldmreally add some sparkle to your team. Work to get TC13 running, then TC20. These are the free paths to more good heroes.


I’m going to disagree with some of your ideas.

Hold on to every 4* and 5* card you get, at least until you have a lot of surplus. Two Boldtusk are not too many, considering that you need 30heroes for Alliance Wars, and at least one healer per team to be effective.

I agree that you are past 2* heroes, or will be very soon. Feed unleveled 2* to the current color project. (Alwatpys use matched-color training for the 20% experience bonus, at least until you know why you’re breaking that rule.)

At this point, I wouldn’t lose any of your 3* heroes, though. For wars you will want them.


I’m considering feeding my two red duplicates, yes :smiley: But most likely I’ll just feed the Boldtusk and keep the Nashgar. Since I’m short of solid 3* for events, I might just have to strengthen the other Nashgar to make up for it (and use one of the too many yellow 3* I have, haha).

I cussed quite strongly when I got the two other Banes, then cooled down when everyone reminded me that they are two extra Banes, hahaha :smiley: I still might have to feed one of them to the other, or to a strong yellow 4* (so far Li Xiu is getting the most votes). I have begun feeding the Gan Ju smaller heroes for the 3* events team, but I’m also not against keeping the Dawa there. All the 2* will eventually go to the yellow 4* I will pick in the end, since it does seem like there aren’t too many good choices at 4* in that element anyway. Thankfully my first Bane is at full capacity now.

I’m leaning towards feeding the Hous and Nashes though, I just don’t think I’ll have enough cabin space for 2* hero teams anymore.

Oh, please don’t. Boldtusk is one of the best heroes in the game. You’ll want two for wars. Really.


Thanks for that, hate to sound whiny but I really just needed a confirmation that my roster isn’t so bad yet :smiley: And I agree that I’ve been very unlucky with hitters. I think I’m being punished for feeding my ascended Valen to Kiril before, like I told you in the other post.

I do love my healers though, and I’ll make sure they’re trained properly and as quickly as I can.

You’ve mentioned your preference for Li Xiu, and I’m gonna go for it since she does seem more useful than Hu Tao. I just can’t help myself from holding out until I get a good green 4* hitter. Weird that I have that problem, I wouldn’t be using the yellow feeders on the green anyway. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid I might invest too much on splash damage heroes, although that’s probably not really a problem in the end since my green splashers are 5*.

Should I really keep all my 3*? I’m wondering if one or two extra Banes should be used to feed, or maybe the Dawa too.

I’ve begun growing Horghall because I agree, even if he doesnt get to use his ability a lot, I’ll have a better chance of holding on to a fight with someone that tough. But until I get to ascend him once, I’ll keep using Kadilen in the meantime. I just really, really hope I’ll get a Caedmon or some other strong green hitter soon :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I admit I have stupidly ignored the blurred option in the TC screen saying epic or legendary hero training, hahaha :smiley: All of the iron and time (maybe gems) I have will go to getting a TC20. :wink:

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Copy that. Haha I did feel a bit weird saying that earlier :smiley:

Oh, and what do you think I should do with the Boril? :stuck_out_tongue: I keep forgetting I have him there :smiley:

You definitely shouldn’t. Such a roster after a month of playing and just $60 spent?! Come on! You are lucky! If you were not lucky you could’ve end up having a whole lot of duplicated 3* only.

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Unless you got Grimm or Sonya, you might ascend him to be a second blue against red titans.

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I’ve read about so many worse rosters, yes. I should be thankful and I am :smiley: I just needed to be sure hahaha (sorry!) :smiley: And I’ve heard of those duplicated 3*s too. Definitely proud of my roster now, thanks! :smiley:

He does seem like a great pick for titans, doesn’t he? I I could just use BT for the heal and have the titan take back its damage. Or does it work that way?

Gotcha on the 3* heroes haha

Not really. His tile damage is low. However his reposte special might be useful, especially if you use mana potions to charge him. But you’d rather use him together with Kirill. Having two heroes of a strong color (one replaces a weak color hero in a rainbow team) is a good practice.


Thanks man. Yeah just noticed his tile damage is in the 2* vicinity :smiley: But I agree that potions are a quick fix to make him useful. I’m just not a big fan yet of the multiple color team… I keep worrying that i’m missing out on the damage from the missing hero’s tiles.

Still, looking at how my roster (not just my main team) is weak on green, it does make sense to double a color that’s strong against the opposing team/monsters. I’ll start doing that today, thanks again!


Everything changes when you receive your first healer.

My first was Kiril. Then duplicate Kiril.

I used 2 Kirils in my defence team for a long time and for Rare Quests.

Later I pulled BT, Kashhrek and Sabina from TC20 (I think).

I find the Rare Quests easy now with 4 healers and 1 main attacker, sometimes 3 healers and 2 attackers. I think the key is to have stability in defence and healing.

I think it helps to have healers for both AW and Rare Quests (even if you do have duplicates).

Healers allow your other heroes to live longer and hence fire off more specials. The more specials you fire off, the more likely you are to win.

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This approach is not universal. In some cases (most of farming) rainbow team works better. But agains titans you gain more than lose doubling strong color by removing weak color hero. There could be edge cases when a whole board consists of a weak color and no strong one, but is can be ignored as nearly impossible.

I use similar approach (doubling on a strong color) in raids to kill a tank quicker. This is again debatable, but for me it works.


@chippy Here’s a basic summary of the math for stacking colors:
Strong color tile does 2x the damage of neutral color tile (S=2N)
Weak color tile does 1/2 the damage of neutral color tile (W=N/2)
Missing color tile does 1 point (M=1)
Double color does 2x tile damage (approximately) (2S, 2N, or 2W)

Assuming that tile distribution on each board is random (it is), then your tile damage output for each team composition will be as follows:

Rainbow team: S + W + 3N =5.5N
2x strong, no weak: 2S + 3N = 2(2N) + 3N = 7N (plus a few for missing color tiles, but they’re negligible

Are you going to have the occasional board with fewer strong color tiles? Of course. But over hundreds of boards, it will balance out.


Your math is exactly right, but you’re only looking at the mean. Rainbow teams have the lowest variance, but also the lowest mean. Monochrome teams have the highest mean but the highest variance. So it’s a trade-off between expected damage and the risk of some horrible boards.

In events, this suggests a highly unbalanced team is best, because only the highest score matters and (if you’re trying to place) you’ll be willing to do many runs on a level. For titans, a moderately unbalanced board seems best to me, at least if I’m being conservative in item use. In farming, you just want to get the thing done with no fuss, so rainbow is best.


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