Out of areas to spend Gems


Take my money Small Giant!

I’ll admit to spending a good amount of money in game. I would like to spend more! However, I’ve run out of areas to spend it reasonably.

Too Many Waiting Heroes
I have many 5 star heroes. Once you have multiple 5* heroes sitting at 3/70 waiting for ascension mats it starts making much less sense to spend gems chasing new heroes.

Speeding up chests no longer makes sense
When I first started I got great elemental chests. Now it seems every elemental chest only has meteor fragments. I used to spend gems to speed up chests as often as possible. Regularly maxing out their respawn timer limit. Now since the chests seem so much weaker I rarely do this.

High Level troops Too costly
I’ve spent money to level troops, but also done the math on what it would cost to get them where I want them to be. The cost is too high to justify spending much in this area.

I Love Deals
I think everyone who spends more than a hundred bucks on this game has done the math on gem value and knows a good deal when they see them. Many of us would spend far more money if the good deals were more common. But they just don’t come around enough.

SO…to those of you who are comfortable spending hundreds per month or more. Where are you spending your gems? I just don’t see anywhere to reasonably spend them at this point in the game now.

Perhaps this should give some solace to the free to play people. There is a sort of balance as we are all stuck waiting for tier 4 ascension mats.

Take my money small giant!


Same here…chests are dead…no more accelerating…building up my 3/70 5* team…still havr buildings to max out…but not much more…yr right…why go for another Hotm when they will sit for a year or more?


I got mystic rings on a regular Diamond raid chest, followed by a cape on an elemental chest yesterday. Granted, it may only provide one extra 4* ascension material a month, but that seems worth it for how cheap it is.


If you are short ascension material items I would still speed up chests. Unfarmable materials have always been few and far between but chests are still are a consistent source.

An even better source is Titans. To help get you better odds on Titans you should maximize your damage. If you’re consistently in top 5, but the alliance isn’t moving up in Titans, time to change alliances to bigger Titans. Battle items help a lot but shouldn’t be purchased from the shop. Spend your gems to refill your world energy and farm away. You’ll receive tons of feeder heroes, troop feeders, and crafting materials. If you like spending for refills, once in a while SG will have a Flask deal for 1200g. Great way to get those refills at a discount.

I’ll also see a lot of friends hoarding gems until the next big event. Because even if they have 2 other good heroes, they want that one “OP” special hero (Guin, HOTM, etc) for when they do get the materials. In this sense, you may be accumulating gems for a month or more while you wait.

Lastly, even though you said troops are extremely expensive (which they are), investing in them when you have nothing else to spend on is a good way to set your defense and attack team up for better success. You can invest in troops by farming the map like I said above, or if you need more 4* troops, I would purchase them directly

(P.s. even though it doesn’t help gameplay, avatars are fun to play with, customize, mix and match, etc. There is some value if you find enjoyment in that.)


I kill daily 11* and 12* Titans and have always A or A+ but got in the last 8 month only one 4* ascension Item from Titans. The Titan chest also gives me nothing for months, Not even a 3* Ascension item. The rare chests gave long long ago, epic tokens, 50 gems and 4* ascension items. Since a few month the rare chests gave only 30 gems, one 3* ascension and Silver tokens. Everything is nerfed nothing gives good loot anymore :frowning:


Chests are far from consistent in my opinion. Which is why when I do spend gems to speed them I make sure it’s only single digit amounts. Used to spend every chance I got but can’t justify it any longer the way the loot is.

Titans don’t take gems. Alliance I am in is regularly killing 11*s now.

As far as events go. I’ve done that. Have all the 5s from Atlantis, many HOTMs and some of the elite 5s from events but with a number of 5 stars sitting at 3/70 the motivation to chase more is gone.

I have a cool avatar that I like(yes I bought it).

I do level my troops both from farming and have spent a couple hundred to do so as well. But the thousands it would take to get them where I want them I just can’t justify.


Sounds like you’re just on a bad luck streak friend. Try logging your materials on a spreadsheet, it may not be as bad as you remember. Im consistently averaging 1.5 mats a day for months. I’ve gotten 4 or more 4* mats in the last 2 weeks.
It’s been so consistent, that I think I’ve finally decided I don’t need to track anymore. I just do everything in my power to increase my odds and quit stressing about it.


I feel the same issue. I was so desperate that I actually once raised a ticket asking to give me a deal (you know the really big ones), but of course we always get the same answer: sorry we can’t do anything it’s all chance.
Playing multiple accounts (f2p and p2w) I know that you can ascend a 5* without money if you have time, but hey! I have a real life with family and kids and I’m willing to exchange money against time. That’s the usual deal in our economy, right?
So please @EmpiresPuzzles: it’s not unfair against the f2p players to let the whales spend some extra money for 4* ascension items. Anyone can still beat me with luck and a handful of 4* heroes. :grin:


I tend to agree as well here. Not only with the gems but I have nothing else to look forward to building. The end game here is a bit lackluster at the moment, but I know there are people that are in the same shoes as us either. But sg should start planning as everyday people in our shoes will grow.


I wasn’t very clear on my point. Buy refills to farm the world map for more crafting materials, and in turn, you’ll have more battle items to boost your titan scores. This will also level your troops steadily.

But really, there is only so much you can do to speed up your progress. It’s just going to take time, or start spending an exorbitant amount purchasing those Ascension Item packs. Look at those odds and decide if they are worth the gamble to you.


@2Spookd grats on your luck, but I can’t agree. Maybe you play a lot more than I do, so it’s hard to compare, but I typically get my 4* ascension mats from rare quests, events and deals.


Oh I’m including those as well into my figure. Tabard from rare quest and a Tonic from the Atlantis Chest (purchased). Come the Halloween event will be another source for 4-5 4* materials as well (most likely) through both the event and calendar deals.


Yes…I’ve maxed out alantis chest purchases both times. Most of the time it’s 3* mats


OK I see. Just counted my ascended 5* multiplied with 8 (6+dblade+tome) divided by number of weeks played, equals something close to 1, so it seems one per week :grinning:
Need more, much more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll be right back to add up mine!


Yep, did that as well. Got a lot of 3* mats, but no 4*, but at least that’s something you can work with, you spend something and you get something in return. Not always what you were looking for but that’s how it is. The regular shop offers are NOT OK.
BTW: The special event calendars are pretty nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow. I’ve been playing for 56 weeks, with 137 4* mats. I average 2.45 a week.

I play a lot and was performing at a high level within a few months though and have purchased a fair amount of deals… But not all.


I’m not “spending hundreds per month or more” but I just spent 500 gems to increase my heroes capacuty by 25, I think it’ sone of the best gems usage.

Another way is to use them for troops.
Or avatar shop, I love my avatar.