Our servers are running at a maximum capacity. Please try again later. Apologies for the inconvenience

Lost a few WE points, the game just didnt start attack on guardians. And when i resarted the game got the max capacity message.
I think compensation is again in order.

Same problem here! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::unamused:

I got the same thing. Logged on, did a few things them went to do my first raid tournament battle and bam i got hit with that message. Kicked off the game and when I finally got back on I had 1 defeat. It was worth 456 points as well. Im so annoyed i’m considering quitting this game. I get hit with so many problems man.

Can I please get 1 flag back please or just reset the day for everyone.

Got the same message when trying to log in to play last night. Almost missed out on being able to hit the titan to get loot.

It’s really time for SG to up their game. They have too big a customer base to not put forth the extra investment to prevent situations like this. They should have at least tripled capacity the day they came up with the “Invite Friends” feature. Obviously if I invite 3 people, you’re gonna need more server space.

Got the same message at the start of the first raid tournament, kicked out of the app and when Ii reconnected it registered a defeat, Reported this issue to support and they promised that the servers capacities are being looked into for increase

Now, if this issue still persists… Then it is becoming really, a real issue, players base is increasing everyday through friends invites, game ads etc and since loot ticket s are often in low supplies players spend longer time on line farming recruits . As for tourneys and events happening concurrently the demand would certainly rocket up, I should think the servers capacity increase should be topmost priority.

This is the error ive got all day after getting back into the game , cannot take part in the raid tournemant at all comes up each time with this issue …getting fed up and losing points cause of this. I spent 30pound buying new 3star heros to take part and level them up for the tournament .
Can anyone help with this please.

I put a request in through support. I hope to be compensated some how. And just like the first tournament, where I had the issue of never being attacked defensively, this tournament I’ve only been attacked twice, while there are people reporting being attacked way over a dozen times

I got same error put into support around 10 hours ago with no response so frustrating

Its beyond a joke , for something so simple to play always seems to have so many issues with it . Next battle day starts in over an hour and if a cant get that al be asking for a refund , or more gems back in place of it.

I can’t play at all. Been trying all day.

This morning same thing after tournament start.

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some server-side issues, however they should be resolving now. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Waited 5 mins for a match up today after getting booted during my first match yesterday and giving me an automatic defeat. I was just waitinggggggggg to get booted again and the same outcome. Yet no f’ing response here or from support. Way to go

What are your plans to resolve my problem ?

tnx petri. I like this game and I know any new feature gets bugs. Scoring is improved, could be polished some more I won a lot of defenses and those should be valued more. Hope you get loot improved also, especially since a lot of issues popped up.

Not sure whats going on, but i lost everytime. Everytime i hit, the opposing team just flashed, no one was even damaged. I lost every single time. Also, i have only been attacked once so far, so im sitting at E rating. Dont have anymore of these tournaments until you have all the bugs out first. I won two fights before this started happening.

None of my heroes are allowed now?

As broken as the raids are. This is a 3* hero raid. I can only see 4s in your pic…