Our leader lost his phone and SG doesn't seem to care?

Hi there.

Our leader when MIA. And after a week of waiting the group got a bit disruptive and started leaving for other alliances.

Ultimately, we had a vote to create a new alliance, leaving on the banner the new information if the leader does return.

Any case. The leader joined us but as a beginner. He lost all his progress when he lost his phone.

Can I plead for him? His name is Edd, and you’ll find his profile in the alliance of “return of the jedi”. He has Colen, Justice, Alasie, Gregorion and Rigard in his defence team (all are maxed out)…

Small Giant… Is there anything you can do to help? Because, he did spend money and I honestly believe he has a right to get his account back.


He needs to open a support case with SGG.


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How can he do that? Via this platform of email?


via that form.

He’ll need to use the account identifier that he has right now on the new mobile device.

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Out of curiosity, how does this happen - aren’t the game states associated with the google play/ios account?

I mean, if I got a new phone and installed clean, and logged into my google play account, wouldn’t that allow me access to my old account?

Yes that should work (I think)

I agree with @KLinMayhem, submitting a support ticket is the right way to go. No one on the forum (staff included) address account specific issues.

There’s also a guide to account recovery — I assume he may have tried all of these already, but if not, maybe one might help:

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Yes I agree fully with you!
I got a new phone and I had zero problems when I installed the game. I literally just continued with the game on the new phone.

That’s why I came here for a plea. Because nothing our leader did worked. So hopefully that link the previous person sent, will do the trick.

Thanks guys for your support :slight_smile:

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Okay, yeah I was just wondering because it seems like I’ve seen a couple similar reports, but it seems like everything is stored server side (as it should be) so there shouldn’t be too much to getting his account back.

You need to be signed into the Google play games service in order for it to retrieve your saved progress on a new device.

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