Our apologies - Full Energy Compensation

My titan flags were nearly full. I prepared to attack the titan. And then the letter came, and my energies became fulfilled. my titan flags were nearly full already, so the letter fulfilled nothing. Why not did you give us energy refill flasks? This was a very bad idea to joust fulfill the energies when you figure it out.


Yes, I agree flasks would have better, so you could optimise their use. But, like you titan, raiding and WE flags were already full, when everything was refilled. :dizzy_face:

Is it then, the thought that counts :woman_shrugging:.


the compensation was quite useless to me to.


Same here all flag was almost full.


Most of my energies were full too…

It is a little difficult to use them when you can’t log in?

Not the most appropriate way of cheering people up after a crash imo :frowning:


I hate to grouse about the energy replenishment awarded due to the server problems or whatever, but you do realize it was not applied fairly across the board, if that was the intent. When I woke up this morning, I was already full up with all my energies, went out for a run before I spent any, and came back to find the message. Wouldn’t it have been simple and fair to award the energy as flasks in everyone’s inventory? I’m not usually a complainer, but yesterday I did suddenly get kicked out of a raid battle and lost my cups. Don’t know if it was related to the issue, but I didn’t say anything. Just sayin’.


Honestly I share the same feelings but often I decide not to post on the forum when something frustrates me as there will always be players who have nothing else to do but to serve the “enjoy what you recieved and shut up”-like comments.


Is it OK if I agree that your idea was a better/more fair implementation of the apology, but that I also feel the above? :slight_smile:


Never look a gift horse in the mouth. It was good of SG to fill up the flags.
But yes agree, a little more thought may have produced a better result with giving everyone flasks.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing lol


If only this game had some way to give energy to use later at more convenient time, not when they are full anyway… :man_facepalming:

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It was a nice thought poorly executed.


SG just bring the word ‘stingy’ to a new high with their pathetic energy compensation.
Would it be more convenient to just award the the respective titan, WE and raid flask?
How about those affected by the issue but were on full WE, titan and raid energy prior to the so called compensation?

C’mon SG you can do better than this!


This was not the first server issue. In the past they did give energy refill flasks to players when something similar happened. It was much better then this. That’s why i created this topic.


@Petri I am going to echo what most have already said. You already know many players p2w and f2p are getting frustrated with recent actions. Why did she choose to do this which differs from the normal form of compensation for such events?

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For some it was bad timing, for others it was good timing.
Be glad they filled all energy tokens as a compensation for a very short outage. There is nothing they must compensate.


Sorry, but nothing special for me also. Should be flasks. Cheers

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This was great compensation - affected those who were in-game when the crash happened, and they got their energy back.

I wasn’t logged in at all at the time, so why would I receive anything?

Good show!


Honestly I didn’t even notice the outage and I was in and out of the game during that time. Lucked out and used my titan and world energy so a refill was nice. The only people that deserve compensation are people that lost flags due to the outage and they got those back.


Affected me, not able to login and use said energy so why should my compensation be energy refill that I wasn’t able to use?

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Did you get award for the wanted mission ? - Yes.
What is it ? - A practice sword.

Did you get your Epic Hero Summon ? - Yes.
What is it ? - Dawa

Did you get SG’s compensation for the server crash ? - Yes.
What is it ? - An apology letter.

It’s likely that SG has a summon gate for different compensations they would send out. It’s just a bad pull this time. All RNG…

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