Our alliance's member is in spectator mode and he can't join alliance war

Hi! Even after the last maintenance our’s alliance member is unable to join the war, he has a 2360 team (four 3* heroes and a 4*) so it don’t depend on him. Is it possible to fix that problem? Thanks

When exactly did he join the alliance?

We have listed the reasons why someone would end up in spectator mode here:

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He joined us one month ago, never left the alliance

I’m gonna tell him, thanks a lot

I have the same problem too. I never leave the alliance I am two months with the same alliance and now this mode spectator. Seen this is a system error. And now I do not know what to do. Will I stop participating in this?

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Did you set a full 5-hero defense team during the war prep phase?

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My alliance is having the same problem. No one in my alliance can join the war. My hole alliance is in spectator mode and can not attack. We have not even been given the chance to set up a defense.

There was a 24 hour period before the war called “preparation” that was where you can edit your defense. If you used fewer than 5 heroes before, you needed to manually go in (click “edit defense”) and assign all 5 heroes. If you didn’t, you got put in spectator mode.

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He said maybe the problem was he used the defend team heores to level up the others, thanks for the help

I have the same issue. I made sure the last battle that I had an appropriate team set up for battle. It still puts me in spectator mode.

Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but while this article details the reasons why a player might be put into spectator mode, but I don’t see anything about getting out of it. Does it automatically reset to active if these issues are addressed or does the player actually need to do something to get back into the war?

Yes, it automatically resets for the next war!


Dear Petri. I need spectator mode reset too. I left my alliance and back. We are not preparation phase or war phase. Thx your help.